Pittsburgh Technical Council

2016 Cyburgh

2016 Cyburgh

Cyburgh, PA - A new program on the cutting edge of cybersecurity, innovation & education

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Despite Pittsburgh’s progressive universities, corporations, and public sector, it is not immune to destructive cyber incidents – we see them in headlines daily. The CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and the Pittsburgh Technology Council have come together to coordinate an effort to identify pain points, barriers, and solutions around people, process and technology relating to cybersecurity.

This all–day program is applicable to all audiences: corporations, small business, academic institutions and public sector - especially those interested in learning how to develop a secure cyber domain for their organization.


8:30 am   Welcome & Introduction
Audrey Russo, President & CEO, Pittsburgh Technology Council
Farnam Jahanian, Provost, Carnegie Mellon University
8:45 am   Cyburgh, PA Initiative Overview
Summer Fowler, Technical Director, CERT
9:00 am   Technology Leader Panel
Bill Flanagan, Chief Corporate Relations Officer, Allegheny Conference on Community Development (moderator)
Alan Levine, CISO, Alcoa 
Jeremy Gill, Senior Director, Giant Eagle 
Chris Carmody, Sr. VP of IT, UPMC 
Joe Wynn, CISO, Duquesne Light
10:00 am    Morning Break 
10:15 am    Morning Educational Tracks – Current Issues/Solutions (People, Process, Technology) 

People – Find, Train, Retain to Meet Current Challenges
  • Dennis Allen, Cyber Training Technical Manager, CERT (moderator)
  • David Munn, Career Counselor, Robert Morris University
  • Andy Wasser, Associate Dean, CMU Heinz College
  • Ping Wang, Cybersecurity Professor, CCAC
  • Paul Watters, Director of Data Security, Development Dimensions Intl.
Process – Effective Incident Response, What to Do and Who Can Help
  • Kristopher Rush, Technical Director, CERT (moderator)
  • Keith Mularski, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI Pittsburgh Office
  • Steve Mancini, Chief Technical Officer, NCFTA
  • David Coughanour, Director of Cyber Operations, PNC 
Technology – Prioritizing Technology Spend, Where to Put Your Next $$$
  • Summer Fowler, Technical Director, CERT (moderator)
  • Greg Porter, President, Allegheny Digital
  • Alan Levine, CISO, Alcoa
  • Anju Chopra, CIO, EVP Technology, TiVersa
11:30 am    Keynote Speaker
The Honorable Tom Ridge, CEO, Ridge Global (moderated by Andrew Conte of Tribune Review)
12:15 pm    Lunch & Meet the Expert Table Talks (8 Talks Total)
  • Jay McAllister, Software Engineering Institute 
    Topic: Cyber Intelligence Landscape
  • Randy Trzeciak, CERT 
    Topic: Building an Insider Threat Program
  • Roberta Anderson, K&L Gates 
    Topic: Navigating the Legal Landscape in the Digital Age
  • John Haller, CERT 
    Topic: Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Mike Cook & Brent Kennedy, CERT 
    Topic: Driving Value in Penetration Testing
  • Hasan Yasar & Aaron Volkmann, CERT 
    Topic: Secure DevOps
  • Mark Sherman, CERT 
    Topic: Secure Software Development
  • Art Manion, CERT 
    Topic: Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure
1:30 pm    Keynote Speaker
David J. Hickton, U.S. Attorney, Western District of PA (moderated by Andrew Conte of Tribune Review)
2:15 pm    Afternoon Break
2:30 pm    Afternoon Educational Tracks – Future Solutions (People, Process, Technology) 

People – Developing the Infrastructure Pipeline of New Talent
  • Chris May, Technical Director, CERT (moderator)
  • Charlie and Latasha Wilson Batch, Best of the Batch Foundation
  • Shaun Tomaszewski, K-12 STEAM Education Coordinator, Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Dena Haritos Tsamitis, Director, CMU Information Networking Institute
  • Justin Driscoll, Senior Director, People and Culture Initiatives, Pittsburgh Technology Council
Process – Evolution of Security Program Capability Improvement
  • Matt Butkovic, Technical Manager, CERT (moderator)
  • David Thaw, Asst. Professor of Law, Univ. of Pittsburgh
  • Omar Khawaja, VP and CISO, Highmark
  • Susan Vismor, Head of Global Business Continuity, BNY Mellon
Technology – Disruptive Technology, What is Coming and What Should Be
  • Ari Lightman, Distinguished Service Professor, CMU Heinz College (moderator)
  • Chris Valasek, Security Lead, Uber ATC
  • Matt Gaston, Technical Director, Software Engineering Institute
  • Dr. Norman Sadeh, CMU Professor and Chairman, Wombat Security 
3:40 pm    Innovation Hour Talks
Eight, 10-minute presentations from local innovators of existing cybersecurity solutions and ideas. 
Full details on all talks here.
5:00 pm    Event Summary & Next Steps 


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