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2017 Cyburgh

2017 Cyburgh

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2017 Cyburgh: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

One fundamental goal of the Cyburgh, PA Initiative is to bring together the academic, government, and private sector communities to deliberately advance Pittsburgh as an internationally recognized leader in cybersecurity. Another goal is to provide Pittsburgh organizations with solutions to cybersecurity challenges across people, process, and technology. Leveraging the almost 20 years of lessons learned and best practices from ISACs, the Cyburgh, PA event on May 10, 2017 seeks to discuss the benefits that ISACs bring to the Pittsburgh region, providing a means for sharing information about cybersecurity-related concerns common to all organizations. 

Preliminary Event Agenda

Plan to join us on May 10, 2017, for this exciting event.

Cyburgh 2017 Sponsors:

CIO Insights Main Sponsors: All Lines Technology | Bank of America | Comcast | CGI

CIO Insights Supporting Sponsors:  CyLumena

Cyburgh Keynote Sponsor:  RSA

Breakout Room Sponsors:  CGI | DQE | PLUS Consulting

Break Sponsor:  Log Rhythm | CBTS | GrayMatter 

Wi Fi Sponsor: Ethical Intruder

Network King Sponsor:  Department for International Trade

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