Pittsburgh Technical Council

All Lines Stage

All Lines Stage

Tech Talks: All Lines Stage (Salon 4)

1:30 PM Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Paola Buitrago, MSc, AI & Big Data Group Leader and Nick Nystrom, PhD, Interim Director

Artificial Intelligence Breakthroughs and Advanced AI Resources for Business

The next great breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence will arise from its convergence with supercomputing. CMU and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center recently made history with Libratus, CMU’s poker-playing AI that achieved strategic reasoning surpassing that of top human pros. Everyone can help shape the future of AI, so come and learn how you can tap into supercomputing capabilities and take your Big Data to the next level!

2:00 PM Brunnerworks

Patrick K. Stroh, Vice President – Data Science/Decision Analytics

Plotting the Path to Big Data Success, From Foundational to Transformative

Discussion of business objectives, platforms, high level roadmap for building your big data and analytics culture, infrastructure, business process and uses, and successes. A special focus will be on key near term steps to get started, while also maintaining the longer term focus to survive and thrive in challenging times. Merely curious, thoughtful beginners, mid-transformation practitioners and even seasoned big data veterans welcome.

2:30 PM RJ Lee Group

Duane Conley, VP Business Development and Customer Relations;

Brian Zemba, Lead Software Engineer; and

Anthony Storti, Product Manager

Creating efficiencies in your Digital Thread by bridging gaps between Engineering and Manufacturing

The RJ Lee Group’s SEAMS platform bridges the existing gaps between the manufacturing floor, machinery, engineering and legacy databases by creating an environment for discovering and pulling context from data regardless of where data resides. The SEAMS platform provides the complete tool set for the collection, indexing, searching and analysis of all data types to provide the needed information related to events that affect the life, health, quality and performance of physical assets.


Christopher Evans, Savvior

Knowledge Mastery: How Arconic and Savvior are Eliminating Collaboration Challenges, Uncovering Hidden Data, and Erasing Knowledge Gaps


The inherit collaboration challenges in large organizations waste incredible time and money, frustrate employees, can be a compliance issue, and limit productivity. To optimize knowledge across the enterprise, it's essential to free data hidden in spreadsheets, legacy data systems, employees’ minds and lost in chains of emails, and turn data into useful information for employees. The OmniView KMS™

amalgamates a state-of-the-art combination of search, reporting, machine-powered decisions, and employee research and wiki collaboration. It erases the knowledge gap between the most senior internal employee and a brand-new hire.

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