Pittsburgh Technical Council

Tech Talks: CGI Stage

Tech Talks: CGI Stage

Tech Talks: CGI Stage (Salon 2)

1:30 PM LunaMetrics

Jonathan Weber, Data Evangelist

Big Data in Lead Generation Marketing

Big Data for finance, sure. For security monitoring, absolutely. But for digital marketing data? Isn't that just for ecommerce sites? The answer is an emphatic no. This talk will cover ways to connect digital and offline data using prospect scoring and marketing channel attribution (including examples from our own clients) to inform the sales process and target the best prospects on a limited marketing budget.

2:00 PM Nielsen

Josh Knauer, SVP Product & Strategy

Have a conversation with your data… how voice interfaces like Alexa are being used to make data useful in the enterprise

Corporate decision makers need answers to questions that can help them plan marketing campaigns, design and launch products and understand what their competitors are doing in the marketplace. Learn about how Nielsen's focus on usability is making analytics more accessible to everyone in the enterprise by using artificial intelligence, voice-based bots and best-in-class data visualization.

2:30 PM CGI

Matt Jones, Director Digital Insights

We know if you washed your hands! (IoT and patient care)

Join Matt and Suren as they talk about how CGI helped a large hospital chain use IoT and Real-Time analytics to improve the quality of care of patients.

3:00 PM Helomics

Mark A Collins, Ph.D, Vice President - Innovation and Strategy, Helomics Corp. and Robert Montgomery, MS, Lead Bioinformatician, Helomics Corp.

Hype or Hope: Leveraging AI and Big Data for Precision Cancer Care

We will cut through the hype and present how Helomics is building precision oncology diagnostics that use machine learning methods to leverage the patient’s own “big data” to provide treatment recommendations. We will also show how mining this data in the context of broader genomic and clinical big data can guide the development of new precision cancer therapies.

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