Pittsburgh Technical Council

Tech Talks: Concensus Technologies Stage

Tech Talks: Concensus Technologies Stage

Tech Talks: Concensus Technologies Stage (Salon 3)

1:30 PM RG

Sandy Sears, Director, Commercial

How Draconian Regulations Like GDPR Can Drive You to Ace Customer Service and Gain Competitive Advantage

Data privacy and big data are on everyone’s mind these days. With major breaches (such as the Equifax breach) becoming frequent, the reputational risk to organizations is huge. In addition, regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), enabling fines up to 4% of annual revenue and with tight deadlines for compliance, are driving organizations to take their management of data very seriously.

2:00 PM Concensus Technologies

Don DaRe, President and CEO, Condrey Corporation and Doug Ouzts, Director

Storage Analysis and Management

As your use of Big Data grows your compliance risk is even greater. Learn how to Analyze your storage for security/permissions, disk quota, storage cost, and demonstrate compliance through automatic reporting. Learn how a utilities company in Pennsylvania tackled big data and remained compliant.

2:30 PM Matthews International

Francois Estellon, Vice-President Global Commercial Technology, Matthews

Applying Big Data to a Diverse Business Environment

Despite a wide range of business environments and markets, Matthews International is focused on building a culture of ONE by applying a global larger prospective to regional and local operations. Applying a data driven strategy is a key lever to deliver results. This session will describe how analyzing and leveraging large datasets can drive change and opportunities across the company.

3:00 PM Predictive Index

Justin Driscoll, Senior Director, People & Culture Initiatives, Pittsburgh Technology Council

Predicting Your People Success Using Big Data

Hiring the right people is imperative for any business these days. However, hiring the right people without the use of hiring data is impossible. Our session will focus on how to properly use data to hire the right people.

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