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Tech Talks: Expedient Stage

Tech Talks: Expedient Stage

Tech Talks: Expedient Stage (Salon 3)


1:30 p.m.: Big Data by Starting Small: Making Pittsburgh the Model for a Smart City

Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Pittsburgh

Mike Mihuc, Academic Principal, OSIsoft

The City of Pittsburgh’s use of Big Data and the Open Data program to foster “Community - an Academic, Private & Public partnership” along with the “Four P’s - Planet, People, Place and Performance” making Pittsburgh the model for a Sustainable and a Smart City.  These are the key metrics being used to build Pittsburgh’s next chapter by providing a shared technological and legal infrastructure to support research, analysis, decision making, and community engagement.  Implementing Big Data by keeping it Simple and Smart.

2:00 p.m.: The Compounding Challenge of Enterprise Visibility

Christopher Evans, Vice President, Savvior

Even the strongest companies risk being eclipsed by the competition, and delaying business-growing innovation when the left hand and right hand aren't aware of each other's efforts. This compounds as companies enter new markets, grow, engage in M&A, and other ways. Savvior's addressed this decades' old challenge with the first-and-only "Wikipedia for the Enterprise", with the OmniView Framework™. Christopher will share how the tactical technical 'SWAT team' of application engineers with proprietary business empowerment frameworks, developers of custom web & mobile applications, and experts on creation of, and integration to, enterprise management systems, help improve the overall customer journey through this product. 

2:30 p.m.: How can Technology Business Management Help?

James Fernandez, Area Director, Apptio

Rob Breakiron, Business of IT Consultant, KPMG

Big Data is not a trend and Big Data initiatives are not cheap. We will discuss methodologies being used by organizations to fund their Big Data agenda and highlight innovative strategies and technologies used to support their desired outcomes.

3:00 p.m.: One Year Into Keeping the Lights On with Big Data

Sanjay Akut, Director, Corporate Applications, Duquesne Light 

Last year, Sanjay discussed why big data and analytics was such an important initiative to Duquesne Light and the plans in place to create an analytics culture at Duquesne Light.  This year, come and see how far Duquesne Light has come just one year later in their Big Data journey.  From the use of Data Lakes and massively parallel processing data warehouses, to the application of machine learning and predictive analytics, Duquesne Light has come a long way in a short time.

3:30 p.m.: Big Data: If You’re Not Collecting It, You’re Not Benefitting From It

Richard M. Brueggman, CEO, Data Science Automation

Jeff Christensen, VP Products, Seegrid

Big Data is all around you – and it’s yours for the taking.  Improve product insights and increase research & manufacturing productivity with advanced methods in automated data acquisition.  This session will focus on the value of ignored data and how to automate the acquisition of more data, with real world examples from driverless vehicles to medical devices and missile navigation.

4:00 p.m.: Predicting Your People Success Using Big Data

Justin Driscoll, Senior Director, People & Culture Initiatives, Pittsburgh Technology Council

Hiring the right people is imperative for any business these days.  However, hiring the right people without the use of hiring data is impossible.  Our session will focus on how to properly use data to hire the right people.  

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