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Tech Talks: Roundtower Stage

Tech Talks: Roundtower Stage

Tech Talks: RoundTower Technologies Stage (Salon 2)


1:30 p.m.: RoundTower Technologies Presentation

Patrick Toole, Big Data Practice Manager, RoundTower Technologies

When it comes to the creative processes inherent in predictive modeling, it is time for a new paradigm in which the user and machine learning work in tandem to achieve better results than could be achieved working separately.  See, through real use cases, how companies are automatically creating analytical models to advance medical discovery, gain more insights in IOT environments, and improve the accuracy of failure prediction in preventative maintenance. 

2:00 p.m.: Optimizing DC Operations with Machine Learning

Krishna Venkatasamy, Chief Technology Officer, Lucas Systems

Every January we hear horror stories of retailers that suffered through the holiday season with missed delivery targets and high fulfillment costs. Managing seasonal peaks is a distribution center planning and optimization problem that can be solved with smart math and big data. We’ll explain how machine learning can be used to predict labor requirements and dynamically adjust fulfillment plans to optimize efficiency and on-time delivery in large-scale distribution center operations.

2:30 p.m.: Collaborate or Die: An Optimistic Overview of the Current Cyber Threatscape.

Jonathan Shiflet, Vice President, IT Security Manager, Threat Analysis Team, Cyber Defense, Information Security

PNC Financial Services Group

This presentation will discuss the current and emerging threatscape, including the actors, their tools, techniques and procedures.  The goal of the presentation is to raise awareness of the ever-growing threat in a reasonable light, and to present solutions.  So, if you’ve seen news reports that make you cover your web-cam with a sticky note, come to this talk and learn how we can actually reach safety in a destabilized world with easy access to your very home from decentralized, distributed threats.

3:00 p.m.: Mining a Mountain of Cancer Data for the Gem of Truth That Can Save a Life: A Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance Story

Sam Shaaban, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Architect, NuRelm

Sam Shaaban, CEO and Senior Architect at NuRelm, will tell a story of working with Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance researchers at the University of Pittsburgh to mine cancer gene data for previously unknown personalized treatment options. He will describe using the Google Cloud Platform to build a commercial pipeline to run their algorithm at scale, and the process of distilling it all down to output that matters.

3:30 p.m.: IoT Data Analytics - Hype or Truly Transformative

Dave Shuman, Industry Leader, Retail, Manufacturing & IoT, Cloudera

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to be one of the biggest technological revolutions in the recent ages, enabling businesses to work smarter, faster and more profitably.  However, IoT data represents a different paradigm for Enterprises as the inherent characteristics of data generated from IoT and connected devices will challenge traditional data management approaches and methodologies. In this session, Dave will discuss the data management value chain and logical architecture for IoT.

4:00 p.m.: The Internet of Swings: A Look at the Future of Sensors in Baseball

Mike Ressler, 5-Tool Director of Engineering, Diamond Kinetics

In "The Internet of Swings" I'll be discussing how Diamond Kinetics has approached collecting sensor data from the swings of player ranging from 8 years old to professional athletes. We'll talk a bit about how Diamond Kinetics is approaching machine learning today and where we see connected devices and machine learning taking the sport of baseball in the future.

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