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Innovator of the Year: AI & Robotics

Innovator of the Year: AI & Robotics



Aurora is delivering the benefits of self-driving technologies safely, quickly and broadly, catalyzing the self-driving revolution. By solving today’s most complex AI and engineering challenges, Aurora is focused on delivering technology that will positively impact our cities and offer a better quality of life. Founded by three of the world’s leaders in the self-driving vehicle industry – Chris Urmson, Sterling Anderson, and Drew Bagnell – Aurora has offices and tests its vehicles in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh.


Bossa Nova Roboticsbossanova.com

Bossa Nova is the leading provider of real-time, on-shelf product data for the global retail industry. Our robots navigate the busy retail ecosystem, collecting a wealth of data that allows retailers to optimize the omnichannel shopping experience. Our multidisciplinary team of robotics, arti cial intelligence, and big data scientists has solved the challenges to deploy fully autonomous retail service robots and deliver actionable data in real-time.

Bossa Nova’s robots are currently deployed in 50 stores across the United States, making it the largest deployment of this kind of technology anywhere in the world.


Gecko Roboticsgeckorobotics.com

Gecko Robotics (Gecko) make robots for industrial services, starting with inspections. Our technology and services perform safe, fast, and accurate inspections on civilizations' most critical infrastructure. Gecko’s wall climbing robots and inspection teams perform non-destructive testing for clients across the globe.

Gecko's inspections are 10x faster than current methods and collect 1000x data.


IAM Roboticsiamrobotics.com

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, a leading region for robotics development, IAM Robotics is the leader of flexible autonomous robotic material handling solutions for e-commerce order fulfillment and material handling in logistics and manufacturing. IAM’s Swift Product Suite provides a complete robotic solution to existing labor shortages, accelerating e-commerce environments, and changing consumer expectations. IAM’s innovative solutions mitigate growing logistics costs while offering a compelling ROI without sacrificing flexibility. This provides the competitive advantage distributors and retailers need in today’s rapidly shifting marketplace.


Locomation Inc.locomation.ai

Locomation’s Mission is to move the trucking industry towards a safer, faster, and greener driverless future. We are developing autonomous trucks, initially focusing on our proprietary Autonomous Relay Convoying (ARC) technology. We believe in an alternate, more level-headed incremental approach in reaching the fully autonomous future of ground transportation, and we have the experience, expertise, and the best talent to achieve it. We’ve seen it all and we have the type of expertise only decades of trial-and-error can teach. We are bringing the future of fully autonomous vehicles to today, one step at a time.


Near Earth Autonomy - nearearth.aero

Near Earth is a 6-year-old Carnegie Mellon spin-off whose mission is to make flight safe, efficient, and accessible. We develop comprehensive solutions for manufacturers and users of aircraft that need to operate in all-weather conditions and in dynamic, unprepared environments. Near Earth bridges the gap between aerospace and robotics with complete systems that improve efficiency, performance, and safety for aircraft ranging from small drones to full-size helicopters. Near Earth’s technology was selected as a 2017 finalist for the Robert J. Collier Trophy, and won the 2018 Howard Hughes Award, which recognizes outstanding improvements in helicopter technology. 

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