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Innovator of the Year: Life Sciences

Innovator of the Year: Life Sciences



Ariel Precision Medicinearielmedicine.com

Ariel is a health technology solutions company that helps clinicians manage the 2 M new patients per year with pancreatitis and diabetes. We use genetic & clinical data, systems biology and evidence-based medicine to determine the biological dysfunction driving a patient's complex condition and help clinicians align personalized therapeutics to restore function and mitigate symptoms.


Forest Devicesforestdevices.com

Forest devices is a Medical Devices company based in Uptown Pittsburgh. They are the creators of AlphaStroke, and leaders in the emerging market of prehospital stroke detection.



MedRespond is the leader in ConversationalSM Patient Engagement with a proven ROI track record – increasing patient satisfaction scores that drive reimbursements, reducing cost of care and improving outcomes.

MedRespond delivers Conversational health guides who walk each patient through everything they need to know during the week before surgery, the day before and in recovery. Video hosts engage in a dialog, asking the patient questions to customize the information provided and answering the patient’s questions along the way. Information from the patient’s electronic medical record is used to customize the content if the provider can provide such access.


Smith & Nephewsmith-nephew.com

Smith+Nephew’s Robotics business began in Pittsburgh as Blue Belt Technologies. It was founded on robotics technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University. Since its launch in 2011, the NAVIO Surgical System has been used to help complete over 15,000 knee replacement surgeries. Smith & Nephew acquired Blue Belt Technologies in 2016 and has since expanded the indications of NAVIO to support a range of knee replacement procedures. The Strip District based research and development team designs, develops, and markets a suite of robotics, software, and visualization technologies with the goal of helping surgeons provide better care to their patients.

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