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Health Care Reinvented

Health Care Reinvented

HMK Healthcarereinvented1Discover conversations around the many ways Highmark and Allegheny Health Network (AHN) are reinventing health care. From community expansion and partnerships and bringing care closer to patients to deploying the latest and most advanced technologies, Highmark and AHN are bringing the future of health care to members and patients right now. Listen to the conversations and read the thought leadership articles here.


Screen Shot 2019 06 12 At 93955 AMEpisode 1: Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute Redefines Quality Cancer Care

Russell Fuhrer, MD, and Jonathan Lee, MD, define the new levels of quality cancer care. The conversation explores how Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute is building state-of-the-art oncology facilities around southwestern Pennsylvania to make care more accessible to patients. Plus, Drs. Fuhrer and Lee overview the relationship with Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and they dive into some of the new innovation in cancer care. Start listening here.

DR ManziEpisode 2: Dr. Susan Manzi of the Autoimmunity Institute

This episode puts a spotlight on @AlleghenyHealthNetwork’s Autoimmunity Institute at West Penn Hospital. Dr. Susan Manzi will discuss how, by focusing on coordinated care and promoting collaboration among teams of experts, AHN makes sure autoimmunity illnesses are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Give it a listen and learn a lot!

BackpainEpisode 3: Drs. E. Richard Prostko and Alex Yu Discuss Back Pain

The latest episode of the “Health Care Reinvented” Podcast Series from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield together with Allegheny Health Network (AHN) explores the different ways to treat people for one of life’s most common ailments: chronic back pain!

More than 80 percent of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. This episode will feature neurosurgeons Dr. E. Richard Prostko and Dr. Alex Yu as they discuss treatment plans and technologies being deployed to treat back pain with TechVibe Radio/Pittsburgh Technology CoHosts Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting. Listen here.

CardiacEpisode 4: Cardiac Care

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Moneal Shah, Cardiologist and Co-Director of the AHN Cardiac MRI, about HeartFlow Analysis. It’s a non-invasive coronary CT angiogram that creates a digital 3D model of each patient’s coronary arteries providing a heart health journey with data-driven decision making and precise imaging.

Dr. Satish Muluk, AHN Vascular Surgeon and Director of AHN Vascular Surgery, will detail TransCartoid Artery Revascularization (TCAR)  to help high-risk patients with cartoid artery disease and are at extreme risk of stroke. AHN is one of the first systems in the country to perform this life-saving procedure.

Both Drs. Shah and Muluk provide a fascinating and easy-to-understand overview of their expertise helping patients get healthy. Listen here.

CharlieEpisode 5: My Voice Program

This episode overviews the My Voice® Program with Charlie LaVallee of Variety detailing how cutting-edge technology is giving children who cannot speak a voice! It’s hard to imagine a child that is hungry and can’t ask food or a child that is hurting and cannot ask for help.

Listen to how the My Voice Program is putting powerful communications tools into children’s hands and giving them the ability to speak. Listen here.

Thought Leadership

Cancer CareWorld-Class Oncology Care at AHN Cancer Institute Community Locations

In the last few decades, treating cancer has evolved from not only determining how to cure the disease, but also how to preserve a patient’s overall health and quality of life during treatment and well into their future. Read more here.

AIAHN Autoimmunity Institute: Quarterbacking for Patients

The Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Autoimmunity Institute at West Penn Hospital was opened to patients who suffer from a range of autoimmune diseases. The first of its kind in the world, the AHN Autoimmunity Institute combines multispecialty care with cutting-edge research, patient education and advocacy to advance the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Read more here.

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 At 9.49.22 AMPioneering New Spine and Back Treatments

Facing spine surgery may seem intimidating for a patient. At the AHN Neuroscience Institute, their team of board-certified neurosurgeons understands how debilitating a spine or back condition can be. These uniquely qualified spine specialists use some of the latest surgical techniques and imaging technologies to help relieve chronic pain. Read more here.

Allegheny Health Network Cardiovascular InstituteCardiovascular Institute Offers Wide Range of Innovative Heart Treatments

Innovative medical discoveries affect all of us in an enormous way. These breakthroughs are helping us recover quickly from illness to have healthy, active lives. 

But what is even more remarkable is that these innovations are saving lives. Each day, Allegheny Health Network is a difference-maker in these breakthroughs, making tomorrow’s treatments even better than today’s. Our latest innovations give our patients access to promising new treatments not widely available elsewhere. Here are some of the latest innovative treatments from our Cardiovascular Institute.

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