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Health Care Reinvented

Health Care Reinvented

HMK Healthcarereinvented1Discover conversations around the many ways Highmark and Allegheny Health Network (AHN) are reinventing health care. From community expansion and partnerships and bringing care closer to patients to deploying the latest and most advanced technologies, Highmark and AHN are bringing the future of health care to members and patients right now. Listen to the conversations and read the thought leadership articles here.


Screen Shot 2019 06 12 At 93955 AMEpisode 1: Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute Redefines Quality Cancer Care

Russell Fuhrer, MD, and Jonathan Lee, MD, define the new levels of quality cancer care. The conversation explores how Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute is building state-of-the-art oncology facilities around southwestern Pennsylvania to make care more accessible to patients. Plus, Drs. Fuhrer and Lee overview the relationship with Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and they dive into some of the new innovation in cancer care. Start listening here.

Thought Leadership

Cancer CareWorld-Class Oncology Care at AHN Cancer Institute Community Locations

In the last few decades, treating cancer has evolved from not only determining how to cure the disease, but also how to preserve a patient’s overall health and quality of life during treatment and well into their future. Read more here.

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