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Tech Titan – BNY Mellon continues to grow technology operations and presence in Pittsburgh

Matt Pross

As the global leader in asset management and securities servicing, BNY Mellon has a world-class appetite for the latest and greatest technology. With $22.4 trillion in assets under custody and administration, $1.1 trillion in assets under management, and a worldwide staff of 42,300 spread across 34 countries on six continents, the company leverages a massive amount of technology and the skills of a highly talented technology team that numbers in the thousands to stay on top of the hyper-competitive financial services industry.

“The common theme across all business units within BNY Mellon is technology,” Mike Keslar, CIO of Asset Servicing and Global Markets at BNY Mellon, said. “I view BNY Mellon as a technology organization because all of our businesses are tech-driven. In Pittsburgh, I think you would be hard-pressed to find another company with such a vast technology reach.”

BNY Mellon’s global technology engine relies on approximately 7,000 technologists based all over the world. Here in Pittsburgh, the company’s technology presence is substantial, with technologists based in the region accounting for more than 1,500 of BNY Mellon’s total technology positions. Fulfilling commitments made at the time of the merger of The Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation in 2007, Pittsburgh has been designated as the company’s North American growth center and a technology center of excellence.

“Pittsburgh’s designation as BNY Mellon’s North American growth center is a very positive sign that the company is committed to growing its technology presence here in the region,” Keslar explained. “At any given time, there are many opportunities at BNY Mellon for talented technologists. We currently have more than 80 open technology positions in Pittsburgh alone.”

Keslar himself manages 1,600 technologists, just under 20 percent of whom are based here in Pittsburgh. The firm spans the entire technology spectrum, from an expansive mainframe capacity to an array of custom-built, customer-facing Web applications, and is currently seeking tech-based talent in all areas, including software engineering, systems architecture, infrastructure, and technology business analysts/project managers.

“At BNY Mellon, we are constantly trying to attract the top technology talent available in all areas,” Keslar said. “Project management skills and leadership potential are currently our top priorities in the candidate selection process. We want to bring in young people with tremendous upside to groom them as future technology leaders at the company. To help our recruits achieve their upside potential, we have a well-established IT leadership program in place that enables us to rotate high-potential staff through a variety of technology disciplines and businesses within the company, all the while providing them with executive-level mentoring. This program is available to top select graduates of technical programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Program participants have included many graduates from Pittsburgh-area colleges and universities, and several have already advanced to IT leadership positions.

“The opportunities for the technologists we hire have no boundaries,” Keslar continued. “Because our IT footprint is global, we’re not just looking for candidates interested in Pittsburgh-based opportunities. We have tech positions open in Europe, India and Asia, as well as several major locations here in the U.S.”

With more than 42,000 employees worldwide and growing, BNY Mellon continues to add business lines and personnel through strategic acquisitions. Just in the last few months, the company made two considerable acquisitions to enhance its leadership position as a global provider of financial services. In February, BNY Mellon agreed to purchase PNC Bank’s Global Investment Servicing Inc. (GIS) business for $2.31 billion, significantly strengthening the company’s Asset Servicing line of business. Only a month later, the company announced that it will acquire BHF Asset Servicing GmbH for EUR253 million, a transaction that will establish BNY Mellon as the second largest asset servicing provider in Germany.

“The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with the demand that new business and strategic acquisitions are driving,” Keslar explained. “Technology is our lifeblood. Customer service is our highest priority as a company, and in our industry, you can’t be a leader in customer service unless you’re constantly enhancing your technology offerings and providing creative, innovative technology solutions to your clients.”

“We never have the problem of a drop off in demand. Our challenges are in the other direction —increasing our agility to meet the constantly evolving and growing technology needs of our customers,” he continued. “As someone who came into technology with a real-world business background, that’s the best part of my job: always being pressed to do more with technology, and knowing that the technology we develop is going to matter.”