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It's Pittsburgh Tech News Roundup Time!

It's Pittsburgh Tech News Roundup Time!

Article Published: May 4, 2016

Industrial Scientific Introduces the Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors

Industrial Scientific, the global leader in gas detection, today introduced the Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors. Small, rugged, and highly configurable, the Ventis Pro Series is backed by the industry’s only Guaranteed for Life warranty and offers a wide range of sensor options to detect up to five gases.

The Ventis Pro4 is compatible with four of the following sensors: LEL/CH4, O2, CO, CO/H2 Low, H2S, SO2, NO2, or HCN making it ideal for industries such as fire service, steel, and construction. The Ventis Pro5 detects up to five gases including any covered by the Pro4 in addition to NH3, CO2/hydrocarbon IR, CO2/CH4 IR, and CO/H2S. Industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, metal and coal mining, gas utilities, and refrigeration, which typically need a larger five-gas instrument, can easily transition to the smaller, lighter Ventis Pro5.

Both the Ventis Pro4 and Pro5 are equipped with a variety of new safety features that raise the bar on worker safety. 

China’s UMeeting Pioneers Use of the Compunetix Olympus™ Platform for Advanced Collaboration Technologies

Compunetix, the telecommunication industry’s leading provider of high quality, high definition and highly scalable collaboration platforms, is honored to partner with UMeeting, a prestigious collaboration service provider (CSP), to bring the Summit Olympus platform to the Chinese market. UMeeting possesses the skills required to fully leverage this unprecedented platform for electronic collaboration through demonstrated expertise in the unified collaboration segment.

The market-leading CSP chose to pioneer the use of this platform due to the Olympus’ support of high definition (HD) voice codecs, its nearly limitless scalability matched with voice encryption capabilities, and the ability to offer quality benchmarks above and beyond industry standards. Following the successful integration of the Olympus, UMeeting was able to optimize many features along with further improving the stability of the platform. The offering’s strengths of anytime, anywhere, simple, and easy-to-use collaboration has further enhanced product awareness as well as brand recognition among customers. UMeeting only requires a phone, computer, or mobile device to quickly and easily enter a call with more than 1000 participants. Practical call features such as noise reduction, automatic call recovery, conference recording, personalized greeting features, and conference lock are innovative in the market and show a customized, groundbreaking development of the teleconferencing product. 

Matrix Solutions Unveils Media Market Forecast Powered by BIA/Kelsey

Matrix Solutions, the leading provider of media customer relationship management (CRM) and sales intelligence software, has announced Media Market Forecast powered by BIA/Kelsey is now available in the newest product release of their enterprise platform. The Matrix CRM and Sales Intelligence release, available on April 30, 2016 to all customers, will significantly extend users’ capabilities for both budgeting and forecasting by accessing industry data within the solution.

Leveraging the BIA/Kelsey data in the Matrix dashboard will enable users to:

  • Estimate annual ad revenue growth
  • Compare local markets to national averages
  • Research and analyze spend by segment

“BIA Kelsey is happy to contribute our Media Ad View revenue forecast data to Matrix dashboards to build out a comprehensive data ecosystem,” Mark R. Fratrik, Sr. VP, Chief Economist from BIA/Kelsey said. “Partnering with Matrix allows its users to access this local spending data within the sales organizations which creates a smarter, more agile sales organization.”

Voci Appoints Former Comcast Executive as Chief Operating Officer

Voci Technologies, Inc. added Wayne Ramprashad, former Executive Director of Call Management and Architecture at Comcast Cable, to the Voci management team as Chief Operating Officer.

“We are delighted to have Wayne join the team,” says Anthony Gadient, Voci CEO. “He has tremendous first-hand knowledge of the telecommunications industry, appreciates the importance of customer experience, and understands the role that call centers play in that process. We  are very excited to welcome him aboard.”

In addition to his experience at Comcast, Ramprashad led the implementation of NYSE Euronext's digital strategy.  These experiences have solidified his belief in the need for highly accurate and efficient speech-to-text transcription and voice analytics. “Within just a few minutes of using V-Spark™, we were able to answer questions about our customer base that we hadn’t been able to answer for years. Being able to work side by side with Voci’s amazingly talented engineers to continue improving the business of our clients and the experiences of their customers is an incredible opportunity. I can’t wait to get started,” said Ramprashad.

MSA Completes Evergreen Data Center

Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) finished its Evergreen Data Center expansion to align with Pittsburgh’s growing data technology industry. The two newest data center rooms at Evergreen, EVG DC-2 and EVG DC-3, took nine months to build and are currently available for tenant usage. MSA’s Information Technology Services and Solutions (ITSS) group invested in this expansion because there is a strong demand for local data centers in Pittsburgh.

Some features of the Evergreen Data Center expansion include: 

  • An additional 8,500 sq. ft. of new raised floor, physically separated into two rooms.
  • Doubling the capacity of the utility power feed and UPS systems.
  • Adding support for next-generation high-density computing systems.
  • Doubling the cooling capacity of the computer rooms to keep systems running efficiently.

 Evergreen delivers a variety of advanced services like disaster recovery, colocation, communications, and networking solutions. With the Evergreen Data Center expansion, MSA anticipates to increase its services and operations in Western Pennsylvania. “Our customers want to focus on what they do best and trust us with their critical and dynamic business applications” says James Shaw, CIO. “This trend has led us to increase our investment in facilities and staff here in the booming Pittsburgh market.”


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