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Management Science Associates Wins Data Analytics Emmy

Management Science Associates Wins Data Analytics Emmy

Article Published: February 26, 2016

Screen Shot 2016 02 29 At 25013 PMIn Las Vegas, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) with an Emmy Award in the category, “Pioneering Development of Data Driven Traffic Systems for Multichannel Environments,” for its GABRIEL® software system. MSA is the first Pittsburgh-based, data-analytics firm recipient in this category.

Established in 1963, MSA is Pittsburgh’s longest-standing data-analytics firm. In 1994, MSA collaborated with four national cable networks to create GABRIEL, the first integrated ad sales, traffic and billing system designed specifically for the national cable network industry. GABRIEL allows clients to streamline their operations, better manage their inventory and improve their profitability. Over the years, MSA continued to enhance GABRIEL, adding the industry’s first integrated stewardship application, an ad sales planning module featuring auto plan generation, a schedule-optimization engine, a rule-based secondary events system and reporting cubes. 

Michael McGuire, Vice President of the Media Group, stated, “The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ recognition of GABRIEL is an unexpected and welcome accolade. MSA has a long history of innovation in media and other industries. It is an honor when GABRIEL is recognized by such an esteemed organization. This award is a testament to all of the people at MSA and the clients that contributed to the development and growth of GABRIEL, without which these types of innovations would not have been possible.”

President and CEO of MSA, Cathy Opsitnick, believes the Emmy Award reflects MSA employees’ work. “All of us should be proud that we work for a company that achieved this status,” she says. “If one analyzes what differentiates MSA from other candidates, our core values of excellence, innovation, quality and premiere customer service immediately come to mind. A bright future is in store for MSA because the company embraces a culture of innovation and is full of curious, analytical, creative people who love putting data to work. As a result, MSA has many exciting new innovations and products working at customer sites, under development and still in the idea phase in our Media Division and across all of MSA and its subsidiaries,” Opsitnick says. “We have many opportunities to pursue and much enriching work to undertake, ensuring a busy and challenging 2016 and beyond for all of us.”

For more information about MSA GABRIEL, see https://vimeo.com/151528726.


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