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OnHand Schools Launches New Personalized Learning App

OnHand Schools Launches New Personalized Learning App

Article Published: November 9, 2016

KandalooOnHand Schools, Inc. (OHS) announced the Kandoolu Learning Navigator™ at the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC) in Pittsburgh. Kandoolu is a new personalized digital learning application for K-12 education designed to empower teachers and engage students. It’s a fun and easy to use app that works on all of the devices typically used in schools today. The solution initially supports Common Core and PA Core aligned content for Math Grades 3-8. Additional Math and English Language Arts (ELA) modules will be released in 2017.

Personalized learning is a key facet in the strategy for high performing schools to meet the college and career readiness needs of today’s students. Recent studies show that classroom implementation of personalized learning directly correlates with higher levels of student performance. Pushing achievement to new heights is easier said than done but with Kandoolu, it’s now possible.

Kandoolu provides prebuilt standards-aligned questions to simplify the creation of quick check-for-understanding quizzes. It allows teachers to view student progress in real-time so they can tackle common misconceptions or put students in small groups for further differentiation. Kandoolu then assigns a variety of practice activities to reinforce key concepts for struggling students and enrichment resources to challenge high performing kids. No more “one size fits all” homework.

A group of organizations including OnHand Schools, Elizabeth Forward School District, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, Intermediate Unit 1 and South Fayette School District led a regional collaboration called the Targeted Learning Moments (TLM) initiative. The project team was comprised of educators from over twenty school districts in southwestern PA and leaders from research and policy institutions. The solution was tested in numerous classrooms last spring with extensive pilots underway this fall. Support for the initiative was established through generous funding from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation, The Grable Foundation and the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.

Dr. Bart Rocco, Superintendent of Schools at the Elizabeth Forward School District and recipient of the Tri-State’s Distinguished Educator Award for 2015, has been an advisor since the idea was conceived.

“Kandoolu is a game-changing new tool that gives teachers immediate information on student learning,” said Dr. Rocco. “Students are directed to personalized skill-based resources that are geared towards

their individual areas of strength or deficiency. Kandoolu lets students control their own learning and have fun while reaching academic success.”

Elizabeth Forward and South Fayette have been recognized as Digital Promise School Districts by the League of Innovative Schools, and Elizabeth Forward received an Apple Distinguished Program Award.

“Kandoolu represents a huge step forward in the evolution of our solutions for K-12 educators,” said Chris Sweeney, OHS President. “While EdInsight provides essential information to guide planning and analysis, Kandoolu takes us in a whole new direction – where teachers have real-time, actionable data on student progress and students get to use engaging mobile technology, which they love, to complete follow-up activities tailored to their individual needs.”

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