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Special Chance to Help Kids

Special Chance to Help Kids

Article Published: January 5, 2016

What does it mean to be a kid?

It means something different for everyone. At Children's Hospital, it's hospital visits, treatments, and weeks away from school. We believe it means much more than that. Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh sees more than a million unique children each month, leading the way with some of the worlds most renowned specialists and research team. We want to help!

PRGEPittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention is an event with a singular focus: supporting a great cause through a medium that we love with gaming! From retro games to table top and cosplay, our attendees travel from around the east coast to drink the atmosphere we produce. When we were growing up, games were something the whole family could share and enjoy together from board games and D&D to two player Super Mario Bros on your NES.

8 Bit Evolution is also releasing an exclusive game, with all proceeds going to the same initiative. Germ Squashers will be cross-platform released two player experience where you can choose a boy or girl character, defeating germs and completing levels to get the ultimate prize: a Super Flu Shot.

The Retro Gaming Expo would love to extend this final reach to any members of the PTC at an additional 25% off. Sponsorship closes out Friday, January 8th.

$100 gets your logo on our social media, and on the convention banner.

$250 provides you with:
logo on social media
logo on convention banner
logo and blurb in program
logo on t-shirt
logo on posters

Contact the group via their Facebook to move forward with your support.

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