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Behind the 84 Lumber Super Bowl Ad with Brunner

Behind the 84 Lumber Super Bowl Ad with Brunner

Article Published: February 6, 2017

Pittsburgh-based advertising agency Brunner's downtown offices were ground zero on Super Bowl Sunday, culminating 10 weeks of nonstop work to produce and air a 90-second, $15 million commercial for 84 Lumber.

BrunnerBrunner's offices were staffed with dozens of people during the game to monitor all aspects of social media leading up to and after the commercial depicting Mexican migrants traveling toward the United States border.

84 Lumber's original ad made headlines around the world in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl as Fox rejected it deeming it overly political. Brunner submitted another ad to drive viewers to watch the rejected ad on 84 Lumber's web site.

With a couple weeks of hype and anticipation, the ad generated so much traffic that it temporarily crashed 84 Lumber's web site. AdWeek named 84 Lumber the best spot. 

TechVibe Radio got a few minutes of Brunner VP George Potts' time moments before the ad aired to get more detail on how Brunner went from and idea to making international headlines in 10 weeks. Here's what he had to say.



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