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American Diabetes Association seeking local tech companies to exhibit at November 8 EXPO

American Diabetes Association seeking local tech companies to exhibit at November 8 EXPO

Article Published: July 14, 2014

The American Diabetes Association EXPO Pittsburgh 2014, the largest program of its kind in the mid-Atlantic region, (4,500 attendees, 60+ exhibitors in 2013) will be held on Saturday, November 8th at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This is a free event for people looking to prevent or manage diabetes or just live a better and healthier life.  Activities at Expo focus on the adoption of healthy lifestyles through a wide array of fun, interactive activities for all ages such as the Family Fun Zone, the Get Active Area, the Healthy Cooking Demonstration Stage, Divabetic Stage and Workshops. Exhibitors offer mini-seminars, health screenings, one-on-one access to qualified healthcare professionals, product demonstrations and samples, community resources, and more.

This year’s theme is "The Diabetes Time Machine" and will incorporate information about how diabetes was discovered and how far we’ve come in treating/managing this disease. The introduction of the mHealth Innovations Zone at EXPO Pittsburgh is timely and will showcase technology (current and future) in health management. Participants are interested in living healthier lives with or without diabetes and stand to benefit from the self-empowerment that is provided through the use of mobile apps.

The mHealth Innovations Zone is an opportunity for local and regional businesses to differentiate, test and market their products to a regional consumer base and help highlight their technology from the hundreds of smart phone apps, websites, PHRs, and other patient-centered tools available. 

We are looking for companies who understand how mobile health apps are becoming vital to health care and the individuals who are either living with a chronic illness, like diabetes, or who simply want to live healthier lives to prevent disease diagnosis.

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