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Apply to Join the Remake Learning Digital Corps

Apply to Join the Remake Learning Digital Corps

Article Published: August 27, 2014

Are you interested in robotics, coding, gaming, and apps? Have you been looking for a simple way to give back to the youth in your community while getting paid and garnering new skills yourself?

The Corps provides free workshops for tweens and teens at locations across the Pittsburgh region where youth can learn how to build the web, program robots, and design mobile apps. Adult Corps members act as digital literacy mentors, working with youth on projects that demystify robotics, build websites, make media, and empower the next generation of digital innovators. Following a series of free trainings, Corps members will lead an 8 week series of lessons in an afterschool program. The Sprout Fund can reward you for your teaching time with a paid stipend.

For more information, please contact Ani Martinez at ani@sproutfund.org or 412-325-0646.

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