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Bizowie Launches BizowieBase Database Application

Bizowie Launches BizowieBase Database Application

Article Published: October 31, 2014

Bizowie, the Pittsburgh-based leader in cloud-based enterprise resource planning software, today announced the launch of their new BizowieBase Database Management Module.

The new software, which is part of the Bizowie ERP business management suite, allows users to quickly and easily build customized business applications without employing programmers or expensive software development firms.

The module features an intuitive database designer, powerful reporting engine, workflow builder, document management functionality, ability to create public-facing forms, and many more features that make it easy to build and design databases for nearly any purpose.

The new software is fully integrated with the rest of the Bizowie ERP platform, which offers a wide variety of business applications, including financial accounting, customer relationship management, order processing, inventory control, manufacturing, and much more.

“While ERP systems make it easy to consolidate standard business processes on one platform, many businesses still rely on inefficient external software programs or Access and Excel databases to manage industry-specific processes”, said Bizowie COO Michael Aquilina. “BizowieBase makes it easy for our customers to make these databases an integral part of their ERP, allowing them to quickly and easily be cross-referenced with operational, financial, and sales data.”

While the updated module is a new release, the functionality isn’t. Bizowie customers have been leveraging the system’s integrated databases for a wide variety of business processes, including ISO 9001 compliance, membership management, engineering document control, and specialized manufacturing since the platform’s launch.

Learn more at Bizowie.com.

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