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CivicScience Releases New Enhancements to Speed Discovery of Consumer Insights Using Big Data

CivicScience Releases New Enhancements to Speed Discovery of Consumer Insights Using Big Data

Article Published: April 29, 2014

civicscienceCivicScience, Inc., the provider of the intelligent polling and real-time consumer insights platform, the InsightStore™, today announced its first-quarter 2014 technology enhancements focused primarily on faster and more efficient discovery of meaningful consumer insights as the company’s big data volumes continue to grow.

The recent product enhancements to the platform’s data mining and reporting capabilities have led to a 10X increase in processing speed, giving customers even more rapid access to live question results, automatically-generated consumer insights, their watch-lists, and custom research reports, as well as more efficiency when cross-tabbing multiple questions through the InsightStore™ user interface.

At the end of the calendar year quarter, CivicScience also reported more than 27 million dynamic respondent profiles currently stored in the InsightStore™, thousands of active poll questions cycling daily, and millions of new responses added each week. CivicScience’s technology is designed to connect, compare, and analyze all of this data to deliver insights into consumer opinions, segmentation differences, trends, reactions, and predictive forecasts.

“We are up against the challenges of big data every day, to help our customers very quickly find the meaningful ‘small data’ in that ocean of information. The speed in which our technology can complete such requests is something we continue to optimize and improve upon,” said Will Oberman, CivicScience chief technology officer. “Given the sizable data volumes and data science automation requirements we must support, we are extremely pleased at the speed and efficiency gains we have achieved to further improve the client experience.”

The CivicScience InsightStore™ is built on a proprietary database system engineered by the company’s technology team for massive scalability, big data volumes, and fast performance given high-demand reporting loads. A typical reporting request processed by the CivicScience platform must search over 75 billion data connections, involving numerous questions and respondent population sets, and also requires automatic application of data science principles to discover statistically meaningful differences and insights about these respondents. 

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