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CivicScience to Give Free Market Research to a Startup

CivicScience to Give Free Market Research to a Startup

Article Published: July 2, 2014

Building a kick-ass company ain't easy. Entrepreneurs need all the good karma they can get. CivicScience has decided to open up its real-time market research, technology, and services to one awesome Pittsburgh start-up every quarter, entirely free of charge. CivicScience is talking about giving away the kinds of consumer insights its big customers pay meaningful dollars to get.

To be eligible, you must be a company of no more than 20 full-time employees headquartered in the Pittsburgh Metro Area. Past winners have included Thread LLC and NoWait.

Each calendar quarter, one deserving Pittsburgh company will be picked that could benefit most from killer consumer insights. Maybe you need data to boost your marketing strategy by knowing more about consumer trends. Or maybe you can impress a potential investor with original data about your market opportunity. We can ask consumers anything you need to know and then use our intelligent technology to find the important nuggets of wisdom you need.

Next entries for our Q3 2014 research selection must be submitted no later than Friday, June 27, 2014. Our selection will be announced on Friday, July 11, 2014.

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