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Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success

Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success

Article Published: February 6, 2015

Seiner Book (1)By Robert S. Seiner – Technics Publications (September 2014) – ISBN - 978-1935504856

Data Governance is the business term given to maximizing the value you get from your data while assuring protection and quality of that data. Or perhaps it would be better to say that the governance of data is required to achieve these things.  Both are true.

Governance sounds hard to do. In these days of big data, smart data, analytics, the management of master data and metadata, and the newest data discipline of machine to machine (M2M) Internet of Things, data governance – or the practice of enforcing authority over the management of data, is viewed as a critical component for success in any and all of these areas. The term “data governance” scares many organizations who expect to see unnecessary command-and-control threatening to the organization’s work culture. The truth is … it does not have to be that way.

In the book Non-Invasive Data Governance: The Path of Least Resistance and Greatest Success by Robert S. Seiner (Technics Publications, September 2014), Mr. Seiner, of Pittsburgh-based KIK Consulting & Educational Services, provides a non-threatening approach to selling, building, deploying and sustaining an organization-wide data governance program. The approach is presented in a conversational and non-technical tone and includes messages to share with management, self-evaluation techniques, industry-proven best practices, tools, templates & techniques that can be developed and enhanced internally with little or no cost.

The idea for Mr. Seiner’s Non-Invasive approach to Data Governance began with work he completed here in Pittsburgh at a large insurance company where he embraced the concept of formalized accountability and stewardship for data utilizing existing roles and responsibilities. Mr. Seiner’s approach addressed the clear recording of accountability based on people’s existing relationship to the data quickly and effectively led to improved data management capabilities. This “de-facto” method directly led to this Non-Invasive method tuned and fine-tuned over the years to work in an assortment of circumstances from high-readiness to just getting started.

Mr. Seiner uses amusing anecdotes and brief to-the-point case studies throughout the 250-page book to demonstrate how many of the non-invasive techniques have been applied in a variety of situations. Chapters like “Data Governance and Dancing in the Rain”, “Getting the Business to Speak Up”, and “The Data Governance Bill of ‘Rights’” make the approach something that is easy to relate to your personal and business experience.

People across the globe have been introduced to Non-Invasive Data Governance through Mr. Seiner’s many years of presentations at conferences, years of his widely-attended monthly webinar series, his award-winning monthly publication and now through this quick and easy-to-read walk through the implementation of a Non-Invasive Data Governance program. The book is a refreshing, enjoyable and easy to digest data book in an age when data and technology are laden with confusing and difficult to understand terms. This book can be purchased at Amazon.com or through Technics Publications.

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