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Introducing Suitable: An on-line platform connecting employers, universities and college students

Introducing Suitable: An on-line platform connecting employers, universities and college students

Article Published: March 6, 2015

Suitable is a Pittsburgh based startup that helps college students, universities, and future employers connect on one online platform. Suitable allows students to build and broadcast employable skills and chart their career paths online by completing the tasks provided by their potential future employers and their universities. University of Pittsburgh graduates, Mark and Dominic Visco created Suitable in March 2014 and within less than a year Pitt Business, Community College of Allegheny County’s business program, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center are already using the platform.

“We feel as though a college students are dedicating so much time, money, and risk towards obtaining a degree upon graduation that they are overlooking necessary steps they should be taking to become most employable by the marketplace,” Mark Visco said.

Suitable makes life easier for students, universities, and employers. The platform makes it simpler than ever for universities to keep track of all of the outside of the classroom activities taking place within their student body. It will optimize employer recruit efforts and provide them with more qualified candidates.  Lastly, it will give students the information they need to start developing employable skills for their future careers.

With the help of Pittsburgh based incubators, Thrill Mill and AlphaLab, Suitable has received over $50,000 in investments. While working with Thrill Mill we were able to refine our business model and secure our pilot participants. AlphaLab has been home to Suitable since January 2015 where we are focused on fundraising and finding the right product-market fit. Suitable is one of seven startups that received a $25,000 investment upon entering AlphaLab.

Suitable has recently been named one of fifteen local start ups to watch in 2015 by NextPittsburgh.

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