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DEMO DAY 2015 Continues to Shine

DEMO DAY 2015 Continues to Shine

Article Published: June 3, 2015

By Jonathan Kersting, VP of Communications and Media, PTC

Without a doubt, Innovation Works' DEMO DAY is one of the most exciting days on Pittsburgh's technology calendar.

P1500527Every year, a new crop of promising sartups graduate from alphalab and alphalab gear ready to hit the marketplace, take on investment and head into growth mode. Nearly 1,000 people show up to pack Stage AE, ready to hear each startup make their big pitch.

For the past several years, I've been invited to interview each of the entrepreneurs for TechVibe Radio right after they made their pitch. It's so much fun to see such an intense mix of excitement and relief in each of the entrepreneur's faces. The excitement is truly contagious!

P1500577We capture these interviews and dedicate an entire show to bring our newest crop of tech companies to the airwaves on KDKA 1020 AM, as well as iTunes,  and our podcast site.

I was particularly impressed with this year's graduating classes. Several of the companies were created with the direct intent to help improve the quality of people's lives in so many different ways. Here's a quick rundown of my personal favorites:


Suitable provides a skill development platform that helps college students chart a career path to the best entry level jobs by helping them build and broadcast employable skills, especially outside the classroom. 

Bansen Labs

Bansen Labs harnesses the motivation of video games to drive physical rehabilitation, replacing controller button-mashing with therapy-specific movements to elicit high patient engagement, increased patient retention, and better clinical outcomes, both in the clinic and at home.


AbiliLife is a company dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients with neuromuscular diseases by designing products for every day use.


Rorus Inc. makes inexpensive point-of-use filters that purify water using new silver nanoparticle technology. Their working filter prototype, the Device for Emergency Water (DEW), is a more efficient, usable, and cost-effective tool for emergency relief providers in both developed and developing communities.

AE Dreams

AE Dreams' vision is to provide families with a series of connected toys, games and resources, each inspiring magical interactions and hands-on playtime. Turtle Mail, its first product, is a physical mailbox for kids that allows them to receive communications from family, friends, and fictional characters, through daily printed messages. 

Hear all of the TechVibe Radio interviews right here.

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