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Power of 32 Energy Conference

Power of 32 Energy Conference

Article Published: November 19, 2014

Our region is host to abundant energy resources, globally-leading expertise, and a willingness to collaborate to do things smarter than anyplace else.  But when it comes to energy, we don’t yet have a plan for where we are going.

On December 11, come take part in the first formative steps toward identifying our region's energy future and developing strategies to assure our region’s prosperity and high quality of life.  

"Energy for the Power of 32: 32 Counties, 4 States, 1 Energy Future" will unite the region around newfound understanding of our energy sources, consumption by sector, and various outcomes.  A series of fast moving presentations will address energy issues and opportunities, followed by an all-attendee deliberation session to provide recommendations on regional energy values, principles, issues to be addressed and how best to design the regional energy plan.

Yes, energy production, distribution and conservation should be at the core of a critical national debate.  But regions like ours can't wait for the federal government to address the issues and opportunities.  Regions are the centers of energy development, transmission, consumption, storage, and conservation.  They breed networks for innovation.  And they have the opportunity to establish actionable energy goals integrating aspirations for economy, equity, and environment.

With our heritage and assets, the Power of 32 region has the potential to be among the nation's first to lead this trend on energy planning.  By bridging borders and recognizing shared challenges and opportunities, our region is differentiated in its commitment to improving the future of 32 counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. 

Register today to deliberate on our region’s energy future.  Please visit www.energy4p32.org for more information.

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