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Sentact: Perfecting health care tools to connect caregivers, automate workflow and coordinate resources

Sentact: Perfecting health care tools to connect caregivers, automate workflow and coordinate resources

Article Published: November 29, 2016

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For Hospitals and care facilities, tracking and reporting safety, satisfaction and regulatory compliance are absolutely mission-critical to provide patients with the best possible experience and pathway to recovery.

To achieve this mission, more than 450 ambulatory, acute, and long-term care facilities use Sentact’s rounding and on-demand software solutions to improve their quality and efficiency.

Founded in 2003 in Chicago, Sentact has become a leader in its market. Looking to grow, Sentact is in the early stages of moving its operations from the Windy City to Pittsburgh.

“This region has great opportunity for growth as it has such big healthcare leaders with UPMC and Highmark,” said Lynn O’Donnell, Director of Marketing and Communications. “And, there are great people here to recruit.”

Sentact’s team includes healthcare leaders, developers, and process experts deeply experienced in healthcare operations and technology. 

“We give health care organizations the tools to connect caregivers, automate workflow, and coordinate resources to drive improvement and provide better care at a lower cost,” said O’Donnell. “Our fully integrated, cloud-based platform is quick to implement, easy to use and extremely adaptable. 

Our solutions are cost-effective and our clients typically see returns within months.”

Sentact’s Rounding solution is a comprehensive and sophisticated rounding platform designed to help safety, regulatory compliance, and patient experience leaders reach their goals while streamlining processes and saving money. 

“Using SentactRounding, our clients resolve deficiencies and patient complaints with workflow proven to expedite issue resolution so nothing slips through the cracks,” said O’Donnell. “Documenting patient concerns, regulatory issues, as well as ensuring a timely follow-up and closed-loop process assures a healthcare organization that all aspects of a round are addressed completely and thoroughly.” 

As Sentact makes the complete transition to Pittsburgh over the next six months, it will continue to grow its staff, develop best-in-class healthcare solutions, and spread the word of the value offered to its clients. 

“Sentact is really a great place to work,” said O’Donnell “Working here, you can make a real difference. We try to have fun too, and offer a work-life balance.”

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