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Tzar of Storage: AC&NC/JetStor Builds Top Notch Solutions for Customers Worldwide

Tzar of Storage: AC&NC/JetStor Builds Top Notch Solutions  for Customers Worldwide

Article Published: June 23, 2017

More than 25 years ago, Gene Leyzarovich arrived in his new home of Pittsburgh as a refugee from Russia.

A few years later, while he was completing his education at the University of Pittsburgh, Gene founded Advanced Computer & Network Corporation (AC&NC) to build high-performance storage systems, and he has never looked back.

Since its inception, AC&NC has installed its JetStor RAID (redundant array of independent disks) systems for more than 4,000 clients in numerous locations in the United States, Canada, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, and Australia.

AC&NC has built a prestigious customer list that includes companies like Sony, Microsoft, Starbucks, and the fifth-largest food retailing company, Supervalu. JetStor brand powers research in a wide range of disciplines at NASA, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, Naval Research Lab, and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, supports the work of U.S. Department of State, and helps strengthen world-renowned institutions, from Carnegie Mellon University to Columbia University and Yale University, to name a few.

Tzar Of Storage

“Our strategy for success has remained the same from day one. We offer our customers the best performance, high availability and most cost-effective disk storage systems and disaster recovery solutions available —anywhere, anytime,” Leyzarovich said.

The company’s products address a broad spectrum of application requirements in the high-performance, high-availability mass storage markets by offering a complete family of storage, with FC, IP iSCSI SANs and NAS solutions.

Based on RAID technology, AC&NC’s JetStor subsystems support a vast array of computing applications, Internet and Intranet applications and mass-storage and high-availability requirements for general-purpose data processing, HPC, Virtualization, database, file server, cloud and video production applications.

Over the past 23 years, Leyzarovich has witnessed a sea-change in capacity and technologies. AC&NC’s first storage solutions left its Pittsburgh assembly and testing facilities with 32 Gigabytes of storage. Now, the company is shipping units with 10-Terabyte drives. Leyzarovich said 20 Terabytes is on the horizon.

AC&NC now offers All Flash Storage to customers who want low latency, high input/output (operations) per second performance and high storage capacity. Leyzarovich said AC&NC’s All Flash Storage solutions are engineered to protect data, reduce costs, enhance performance and improve reliability and scalability.

“Value is what shapes us,” Leyzarovich said. “We deliver outstanding service and support, we are priced competitively, and we are flexible. We offer multiple solutions. We do it all.”

AC&NC has been “doing it all” from its offices on Baum Boulevard in North Oakland, keeping all aspects from assembly to testing to support in Pittsburgh.

Learn more at http://www.acnc.com/

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