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Working IT Out: WorkBook’s Nancy Murray Talks About Life and Business in Pittsburgh

Working IT Out: WorkBook’s Nancy Murray Talks About Life and Business in Pittsburgh

Article Published: February 14, 2017


WorkBook Software’s Nancy Murray has a dynamic and energetic background colored with international business management, marketing and technology. Murray’s core passion and fuel is consistent: to provoke, activate and empower change — big or small. A native of Quebec, Canada, Murray came to Pittsburgh to set up WorkBook’s North and South American headquarters. We wanted 
to know what Murray had to say about choosing Pittsburgh, what works and her thoughts on the region 
to raise a family.

TEQ: So what’s the elevator pitch for WorkBook?

Nancy Murray: WorkBook Software is a leading ERP project management and resource planning software with various modules: CRM, project management, scheduling, billing, accounting and an IT agile suite complete with kanban, scrum and a ticketing system. You pick and choose what you need, and we deliver a thorough custom implementation. We are globally preferred by advertising agencies, in-house marketing, life science, engineering and consulting industries. WorkBook’s global HQ resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a subsidiary HQ in Pittsburgh to serve North and South America. The company has been proactively leading the PM space for over two decades world-wide without much competition overseas and operates “start-up style” on this side of the pond.

TEQ: WorkBook is relatively new to Pittsburgh. What are your thoughts on the city as a place to grow your business. What works, what doesn’t?

NM: Despite two decades of leading the marketplace, we are newer in North and South America and landed in Pittsburgh. What a great place to be, especially reading articles and non-stop accolades about the tech-focused renaissance of the City of Champions. It’s inspiring for us to push our product delivery forward as this city gives us access to top talent, as well as notoriously positioned schools.

We really feel “in the heart of it.” We’re only a phone call away from awesome leaders and CEOs in town, with the ability to share and receive support from great organizations like the Pittsburgh Technology Council. We represent the city on the international scene and give Pittsburgh a window to shine with our global efforts.

From a talent acquisition standpoint, the competition is ferocious. When you operate to build brand awareness and compete with top tech companies, this can be a challenge. As we grow and expand in this market, we hope to provide a collaborative workspace for Pittsburgh’s tech elite.

TEQ: Not being a native Pittsburgher, what are your thoughts on the city as a place to live, work and play?

NM: As a French Canadian, my very first impression of the city about six years ago: “It feels like home (Quebec)!” Great people, strong family values and fantastic schools for my children sealed the lifestyle. I have surprised many over the years saying this, but in all honesty, it feels very much the same without the harsh winters. The fact that my family is in Canada, Pittsburgh gave me that sense of community and home.

Pittsburgh: It’s like “Hotel California.” Remember the song? You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave. It just fits perfectly.

Pittsburgh is a nice place to play as an Ironman triathlete and marathoner. I have qualified/finished the Boston Marathon many times, but those hills…This place is another level entirely! I really thought that swimming in the Allegheny River as a triathlete would give me my “local” credentials?

Today, you can see me walking around with my Pittsburgh-colored (black and gold) Great Dane puppy, Maya the Great

TEQ: Any surprises since you’ve made Pittsburgh your home?

NM: The non-stop recognition of the city on a global scene. The awards keep on coming: Best place to live, best place for foodies, best everything, it seems like. As a company, we feel that we got on the first few Pittsburgh technology wagons, continuously building the high-tech tracks for the coming generations. Together, we are a pioneer group and contributing to position the city as a technology hub globally.

TEQ: How can we make the city more welcoming to those around the world?

NM: The city-branding topic is near and dear to my heart. We don’t get a second chance of a first WOW impression combined with recognition of guests, visitors, newcomers. Recent direct international flight additions will make it that much easier to transition here or to visit. The CVB and Downtown Partnership are also key to helping provide global tech companies based out of Pittsburgh with current tools and statements to position our city’s brand in a consistent fashion. One message. Many channels.

One more thing: More flights to and from everywhere!

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