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Article Published: February 10, 2016

Visibl385TEQ: When we first profiled your company, Visibl, in 2015, you were going by the name WowHire! Please give our readers the elevator pitch for Visibl and what led to the name change?

Samuel Boyer: Visibl will simplify the hiring process by allowing young people just out of college to get an edge in the job market, while also giving companies a new way to appeal to that generation. It’s a free and easy-to-use tool that will allow students entering the working world to show employers their true selves and have a chance to tell their stories. And for employers, the benefits are multi-layered: they’re looking for candidates with both the right skills and the ‘right personality.’ Visibl gives employers a way to quickly review candidates’ videos and get an immediate sense of their real personality and demeanor, ultimately saving them time spent on numerous interviews.

While WowHire! had the same concept as Visibl, I realized that the product itself needed to be fine-tuned in order to win broad acceptance by college students and recent graduates. After collecting feedback from students in WowHire!’s earliest days, I recognized the need to pivot quickly and re-design both the brand and the product itself. The quick turnaround was absolutely necessary and it has paid off. We’ve gotten excellent feedback from students on the new app, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the overall early response. The new brand and new app seem to really gel with this age group, which was our goal from the outset.

TEQ: Tell us more about all of the new functionalities and how they are truly revolutionizing the dusty, old resume.

SB: After working in human resources and organizational development for more than 20 years now, I can say with confidence that the paper resume is going to fade away rather quickly. Employers are frustrated with the paper resume because it’s only good for one thing, and that’s learning about a person’s education and work history. Visibl’s features are what make it unique and revolutionary to the old resume. Users can make high-quality videos and really show employers who they are in all aspects of their lives, using the advanced video-editing tools to polish and refine the details. They can also add tags to each of their videos describing their skills, experience, and interests, which are then searchable by employers. Perhaps one of the coolest features on Visibl is the Discover screen where users can gather inspiration from other users’ videos (this is of course a setting that can be turned off if you only want employers to see your video). My hope is that a vibrant and creative community of Visibl videos will take shape organically, providing an inspirational and fun social atmosphere for making video resumes. We’ve already seen some really creative videos that blew us away!

TEQ: So you’ve been pounding campuses on the West Coast and other parts to get the app in more students’ hands. How is student adoption going? Also tell us why corporations are enjoying Visibl.

SB: The atmosphere among students on the West Coast is one I would describe as “edgy” and “open.” I’ve found the students on the West Coast to be eager to adopt new technologies with open arms, as they say. And not only do they keep a really open mind, they also bring an energetic spirit of creativity and that classic, laid-back California style to their approach. All of that being said, I’m sure there are plenty of students in other parts of the country that have the same qualities, but I would say it’s overall more prevalent in the West. Student adoption in California has gone extremely well so far. Beginning with our student brand ambassadors at several key universities out there, they loved the app immediately and it caught on very quickly.

Employers are loving Visibl as well. At the HR Technology conference in Las Vegas back in October, the employers couldn’t wait to start using the app. They all said similar things—that the app would save them tons of time on the entire hiring process and getting to see a candidate’s video gives them that first impression, which helps them move things along more efficiently and effectively. They’ve said they’re most appreciative of the ability to see a candidate “in action” before deciding to bring them in for a face-to-face interview. For that reason, this is a really popular app with companies that need to hire people for any type of sales, marketing, public relations or customer service positions. However, we’ve seen several technical companies sign up as well, and they’re finding it to be equally as useful. 

TEQ: Samuel, what was your inspiration to start Visibl and has the journey been anything like you thought it would be?

SB: My inspiration to start Visibl stems directly from my years of experience working in human resources and organizational development. After more than 20 years of reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, it was clear the entire process needed to be re-vamped, mostly for young people coming straight out of school who have very few ways to distinguish themselves. I’ve also heard from many colleagues in the HR industry about how frustrated they are with the current state of the hiring process and how they get bogged down with stacks of paper resumes, most of which look exactly the same—an undergraduate degree and maybe some internship experience.

My hope is that Visibl will help usher in a new era for job-seekers and employers, giving them a new platform on which to begin the process in a more “human” way, and with more transparency and creativity. This journey, from the genesis of my idea to where Visibl is today, has been a great learning experience and a fantastic journey with a talented team!

TEQ: What will be the big challenges and milestones for Visibl and you as its leader in the coming year?

SB: The biggest challenge on the horizon for Visibl is making sure everything continues to grow and scale seamlessly. Along with fast growth comes the need for expanded operations and many other new issues. Acquiring new talent for the company will be critical as we grow, but we will have a competitive edge utilizing our new tool, the Visibl app.

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