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From the President - Never Get Comfortable

From the President - Never Get Comfortable

Article Published: October 21, 2014

By Audrey Russo, President and CEO, Pittsburgh Technology Council

I once worked for someone who told me never to become comfortable; that if I didn’t routinely adjust by moving closer to solving new problems and achieving even more growth, I should deem myself ineffective. Leadership, he said, was partially about adjustment, adaptation and personal growth; continuously and in perpetuity. For many reasons, this advice has remained with me. As we celebrate the companies who are the finalists for the 18th year of Tech 50, I know that each and every leader, founder and creator of these companies lives in constant motion, balancing the tugs of movement that are always competing for attention, causing rearrangement of what feels like precious time.

There’s plenty written about entrepreneurs and leadership. I won’t claim a stake in knowing that I have a new perspective. What I do have is a front row view to many people who are building dreams and changing Pittsburgh as a result. What I have learned is that ideas are plenty. However, execution requires resolute determination and the abundance of support of well-intentioned souls, which may both interfere with and simultaneously enhance growth. And that advice is cheap and expensive. The dichotomy of opposing energy forces is prevalent and inherent, particularly in the earliest stages of business formation. It’s the steadfast belief in seeing the vision materialize surrounded by the right people, who have the right skills and attitude to participate in this journey—a confusing and liberating period in the new business process without doubt.

The submissions for Tech 50 have grown year over year. We report the growth in the tech and innovation sectors annually. The amount of activity we have seen over this last year, which reinforces the emergence of this portion of the economy, has been marked. In the city and county, we see the growth of ancillary services such as new, non-chain restaurants, new housing developments, and a thriving Market Square in the city’s core, which was a haunted ghost set only two years ago, and hotels which did not consider Pittsburgh once are planting their presence. Announcements of Google’s expansion, Apple, CSC, and the Almono Development are mere examples of what’s around the corner in 2015. The buzz is starting to make even born-and-bred Pittsburgher’s talk about these changes and embrace a rise again. Even as I type these thoughts, there are global tech companies who are seriously planning a presence in Pittsburgh.

There is no reason for you to not know the Tech 50 finalists. We are hosting each of the finalists on our TechVibe Radio show on KDKA 1020AM over the next few months. We are also releasing the video interviews we had with them. Look for future opportunities to work with these companies. Help them achieve their goals by being a customer, a partner, or an ambassador, and engage with them through social media by following them or cheering them on. They are doing the work of legends.

When You Believe… by Stephen Schwartz...

“There can be miracles, when you believe. Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill. Who knows what miracles you can achieve, when you believe. Somehow you will, you will when you believe.” 

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