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STEM Programs

Prepare your future talent pipeline.

STEM Summit:

The STEM Summit is a one-day event each Spring designed to showcase the diverse array of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related careers that are available in southwestern Pennsylvania. We invite students, educators, administrators and parents to join us as we work to promote the future pipeline of technology talent in the region. Company tours are the highlight of this program!

Three Rivers Education Technology Conference (TRETC):

Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC) is the best opportunity all year for teachers and K-12 administrators and higher education decision makers in the Pittsburgh region. TRETC allows you to network with peers and choose from over 50 professional development sessions to enhance your classroom teaching abilities.


Learn. Aspire. Understand. Navigate. Connect. Highlight.

The LAUNCH (Learn, Aspire, Understand, Navigate, Connect, Highlight) program transforms the natural curiosity of high LAUNCH Logoschool girls into a voice of leadership in the STEM industry. Through our comprehensive program, high school girls will gain insight into their leadership style and be equipped with the confidence to pursue a successful career path in STEM. LAUNCH integrates the Athena leadership curriculum, interactive portfolio development, and professional mentors working in STEM. Through their engagement, our participants experience growth as leaders and exit the program prepared to create positive changes in their chosen career path. #LadiesofLAUNCH

Speakers of STEM:

Our mission is to connect STEM professionals to middle school students from the Pittsburgh region. We have gathered a panel of speakers currently working in STEM careers to present a customized experience based on the school’s learning goals, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and Career Education, and Work (CEW) standards. In turn, the students will have the opportunity for an on-site visit in the STEM industry to see a practical application of their classroom experience. We have the hypothesis that if you enrich student awareness of the importance and value of STEM careers, then students will have the confidence to pursue an innovative career in our community.

Tomorrow's Tech:

Virtual Field Trips: Embark on a tech adventure through a virtual field trip! At Fortyx80, we want to build a library of virtual tours/experiences that are produced and filmed by students for students of all ages. We have industry leaders who are willing to help us curate and produce a growing library of remarkable experiences within the STEM industry. FortyX80’s virtual field trips will be an innovative, engaging, safe, and hassle-free way to lead students out of their classrooms and into the world of the tech industry. These virtual events will provide students remarkable learning experiences from the comfort of their homes or classrooms and eliminate the need for permission slips, busses and packed lunches.

BE Exceptional (B.E.):

Be Exceptional (B.E.), FortyX80’s career readiness and job fair program, brings together potential employers and high school students (sixteen and older) in an in-person or virtual setting with the goal of matching students with roles ranging from seasonal work to apprenticeships to mid/entry-level positions. Because this program and culminating event can be virtual, more students and employers can participate than would be in a traditional setting. Each event is customized based on the preferences of the school district(s) and their student population. Prior to the job fair, students complete a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and online job profile which companies can view in advance of the event. On the day of the event, employers and participants engage in an initial interview using breakout rooms and teleconferencing. From there, they can make plans for future steps in the hiring process.

Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC):

FortyX80 is seeking your support to fund our operational costs while developing and offering talent and workforce development programs and STEM engagement programs focused on accelerating the achievement of underserved students in our region. When you give to Fortx80 through EITC, you invest in the educational future and career readiness of the students in our region-and save money in return. Monies received from businesses participating in EITC will be used to support our programs and allow us to deliver them to students at little or no cost. Learn more by visiting,


Marie Pelloni, Director of Talent Attraction and STEM Development, leads the Council's efforts for talent services so please feel free to reach out to her for further information via email.

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