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Bryte's AI-Powered Smart Mattress Promises Better Sleep

By Jonathan Kersting

Bryte's Smart Mattress Promises a Good Night's Rest With a Little Help from AI.

Everyone knows that good sleep promotes good health. Sleep comprises one-third of an individual’s life and affects all aspects of our well-being. Despite the all-encompassing importance of quality rest, the state of sleep health in America is dismal.

According to a recent study published in the Frontiers of Sleep, 70% of Americans are not achieving restorative sleep – a much larger issue than previous research which found an already high number of those diagnosed with sleep disorders at 30%. With sleep being an age-old problem impacting tens of millions, maybe artificial intelligence (AI) could provide a solution? Pittsburgh-based Bryte sure thinks so!

“At Bryte we’re transforming society’s relationship with restorative sleep via our AI-powered Bryte Balance smart mattress that actively puts users to sleep, stops them from waking during the night, and allows them to wake up feeling more restored,” said Rex Harris, Bryte Chief Product Officer. 

He explained that Bryte’s Restorative Intelligence is an advanced artificial intelligence system that uses sensor technology to monitor and analyze sleep patterns and adjusts the bed’s comfort in real-time to optimize the sleep experience. With these capabilities, Bryte is truly breaking new ground in an industry that is in desperate need for innovative solutions. As he put it, “and because we believe everyone should have access to the most restorative sleep possible, we aim to partner directly with the existing mattress industry, not be a technological disrupter of it.”

With its roots in both Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh, Bryte has expanded its team and footprint here in Steel City over the last few years. Most recently, they’ve taken up the entire first floor of the Cigar Factory in the Strip District – cementing their commitment to being an integral part of the rapidly growing technology sector here in Pittsburgh. 

According to Harris, the Pittsburgh team is specifically responsible for all the hardware engineering, firmware engineering, and operations that enable Bryte’s AI-powered platform to offer a host of features that actively help users get better and more restful sleep. For example, the Somnify multi-sensory relaxation feature actively helps you fall asleep, while Bryte Rebalancing actively removes pressure points that cause discomfort, helping you sleep through the night. Bryte Silent Wake Assist wakes you up gently with silent motion, and the dual comfort tailoring allows different firmness levels for individual sleeping partners.

Bryte’s Restorative Sleep Technology uses cutting-edge scientific research to improve sleep quality. This means the platform is tailor-made to increase metrics such as sleep duration and efficiency, two key factors in achieving restorative sleep, according to Harris. The smart bed works by collecting data on a person’s sleep behavior and then using AI to provide personalized recommendations on how to improve sleep quality, along with actionable insights through its latest feature, Sleep Concierge built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-4. This conversational AI feature is like having a mattress expert, sleep scientist and life coach always available at the tap of a button.

Rex HarrisBryte is not just serving the consumer market either – the company’s smart beds are also providing luxury hotels and wellness resorts, including the Fairmont in Scottsdale, Az.; the Four Seasons in Los Angeles; and the Carillon in Miami, with an truly unique, innovative sleep experience. For consumers, Bryte is now available for purchase online at, with a lifetime Bryte Membership that offers an ongoing suite of new features and support. Think of it as the Tesla of smart mattresses, constantly getting better and better even after it rolls off the lot.