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We can help your company connect to new customers, partners, capital, talent, visibility and so much more.

Business Development


The Tech Council's absolutely driven to help its members connect with the resources they need for success. One of the most valuable aspects of trade association membership includes the ability to network and to foster long-term relationships with prospective customers, partners and funders.

This is particularly important for Tech Council members who develop disruptive technologies that can solve some of the world’s most complex challenges. For these reasons, the Council focuses intense efforts on building connections and creating important new selling channels for its members.

The Pittsburgh Tech Council helps companies—small, huge, and everything in between—to connect, grow and ultimately thrive. And the reach and resources—the Tech Council helps businesses to enter new markets and attract the best talent. So, for me and my team, it's just smart to be a part of the Tech Council and we're proud to be associated with it. -- Patrick Mondi, CEO,

Introductions: A formalized membership outreach process is the foundation of the Tech Council’s service delivery strategy. In FYE 2022, Council team members conducted in-person or extensive virtual outreach meetings with 545 member companies.

Through these outreach meetings, the Council staff learn about their members’ product and service capabilities, as well as gather information on the members’ interests in specific markets and customers. When appropriate, team members often make direct and immediate connections to customers and potential partners. They also record this data in the Council’s CRM, which facilitates additional introductions being made throughout the year.

High-Impact Business Opportunities: With a strong knowledge of the shared and collective target markets of their members, Council team members seek to host speakers and panelists who are in fast-growing markets that can be well-served by the capabilities of their membership base. Most of the Council’s events are based locally, but some supplier forums and business development missions also occur in nearby states and beyond.

Events: The Council programs more than 100 events every year for networking and knowledge building. We focus on bringing in the region’s and nation’s largest purchasers of technology and services to help you grow your business while also hosting industry experts and thought leaders to discuss trends in cybersecurity, big data and digital transformation.

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talent graphic

The success of technology organizations across the globe depends on access to highly skilled, diverse talent. Recent hiring challenges are only expected to increase over the coming decade as the demand for skilled professionals outpaces the development of new employees.

To support the success of Pittsburgh’s regional technology economy, the Council and FortyX80 are building a comprehensive strategy focused on helping to meet the current hiring needs, while also addressing longer term shortfalls in the STEM talent pipeline.

PTC Benefits: The PTC Corporate Coverage Group provides the ultimate healthcare benefits and disability insurance. Property and Casualty Insurance, Voluntary Insurance and Life Insurance.

STEM Talent Development: Personalized service to connect you with the region’s top STEM talent and students.

Career Connector: Search thousands of resumes and post your job openings for free on the Council’s new and improved career center.

Recruiting Events: Meet entry level and experienced professionals at one of our upcoming recruiting events.

Apprenti PGH: This initiative is designed to eliminate the barriers commonly faced by tech interested individuals from underrepresented groups as well as give employers access to a wider, more diverse talent base.

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Our award-winning publications, radio show, website, social media channels, podcasts and videos Visibility Graphicspotlight both established companies and startups, profile tech personalities, break local tech news as it happens, provide business-building knowledge and engage our thousands of readers and listeners in our diverse tech community.

On my first day working in Pittsburgh, I had two things on my desk – a phone and a Tech Council [TEQ] magazine. That was the first introduction to Pittsburgh Technology Council for me. It's been an honor to be part of the Council. -- Sandesh Sukumaran, Founder, Outcome Logix

The Council’s multimedia platform not only showcases your success and news, but is also a valuable tool to build your overall knowledge base and business. Read the Council’s headlines and make some headlines of your own. We’re here to help you gain credible, positive visibility.

Press Releases: The Tech Council is proud of our members’ accomplishments and post their recent press releases and news to our site. We are the go-to source for Pittsburgh tech news.

Publications: The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s publications TEQ and On RAMP, are the go-to source for technology and business news in the Pittsburgh region. Not only do we profile our members, we rely on them to provide expertise and insight to our thousands of readers.

TechVibe Radio: TechVibe Radio broadcasts on KDKA 1020 AM every Sunday at 6 AM covering Pittsburgh’s local tech sector. Ride the airwaves with us as a guest or put on your headphones for listen.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities: Progressive advertising options in print and online allows for companies of all sizes to maximize target messaging directly to the C-level decision makers in the technology community.

More on Advertising and Sponsorship 

Public Policy


government relations graphicAs a technology entrepreneur, you need to ensure your interests are being driven through these changes. The Council is your vehicle to build a pro-growth environment for innovators and entrepreneurs. In addition to our efforts to positively influence public policy, we also work to help you understand existing public policies and their implications for your business. Through our ongoing public policy event series, we regularly host key speakers, including elected officials at all levels of government, to speak on a broad array of topics, including healthcare, energy, cybersecurity, immigration and technology acquisition.

Advocacy for Innovators: The Tech Council promotes the creation of a pro-growth environment to support the success of regional technology businesses.


The Council is currently working to:

  • Reduce Pennsylvania’s corporate net income tax.
  • Create an angel investment tax credit to accelerate the flow of growth capital to regional entrepreneurs.
  • Target the Commonwealth’s limited economic development resources on efforts that support organic growth of local start-up businesses.

Business to Goverment Series: Federal and state governments are among the largest consumers of technology. They often require solutions that have yet to be invented. As the trade association representing the region’s innovators, the PTC works to educate businesses about R&D and procurement-related opportunities at all levels of government. Through our Business-to-Government Series we have hosted the following leaders:

  • CIO – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Director of DARPA
  • Secretary of the PA DEP
  • Undersecretary of the U.S. DOE
  • Chief Commercialization Officer of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security


Industry Networks

Unique among trade associations, the Pittsburgh Technology Council organizes industry networks that create relationships, build knowledge, grow businesses and serve as the cornerstone of Council membership.

Advanced Manufacturing: Members of this network are frequently involved in the energy, electronics and transportation (rail, automotive, aviation, ship building, heavy industrial equipment) sectors. These industries are a key focus area for the Council’s supplier forums and factory tours.

IT: This network advocates in the spirit of regional technology and promotes a tech-rich legislative agenda that draws attention to southwestern Pennsylvania companies. It also convenes top industry experts and leaders around digital transformation, cybersecurity and big data/analytics.

Each network provides participating companies and individuals a community to:

  • Build business through one-on-one introductions, networking events and high-impact opportunities

  • Access top talent through our Career Connector and talent development services

  • Gain visibility through TEQ, TechVibe Radio, and other media channels

  • Benefit from Council advocacy through industry- and peer-level public policy efforts

Conference and Facility Usage

The Tech Council's conference rooms are available to its members. Complimentary wireless access, on-site parking and coffee service is also a benefit of membership.

Room B8 
Room C10 
Resource Room40-50 

Twice a Year: Members can book a free full-day's use of our conference rooms (8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m).

  • Klasnick Room: First two hour free; $25 for each additional hour (8:30 to 4:00 p.m.)
  • Conference Room B: First two hour free; $25 for each additional hour (8:30 to 4:00 p.m.)
  • Confrence Room C: First two hour free; $25 for each additional hour (8:30 to 4:00 p.m.)

Resource Room: Members can set up secure and reliable audio/video conferences with participants from anywhere in the world - all with crystal clear connections. Pricing and availability upon request.

Contact Betsy Rusnic for more details on reserving a conference or resource room:

Refer a Member

Any current Tech Council member that refers a new member can save big money on attending future events and programs.

  • $40 off 4 events more than $2500 referral
  • $40 off 2 events $1000-2500 referral
  • $40 off 1 event under $1000 referral

Contact Betsy Rusnic for full details at

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