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Helping start-ups to achieve success.

A Passion for Start-Up Companies

Since its founding in 2012, Fortyx80 has been helping start-ups to achieve success and further establish the Pittsburgh region as a desirable destination for tech focused industry.

Fortyx80 offers highly customized mentoring and one on one consulting for new and existing start ups on topics ranging from: identifying the right investors; preparing and refining investor pitches: identifying and securing new clients and partnerships; product development and talent acquisition. In the past year, Fortyx80, Inc. has provided mentorship, support with developing pitch decks and other materials, and investor introductions to more than 44 individual companies. 

Fortyx80’s entrepreneur support services are so widely known and respected that all new requests for engagement have come entirely by word of mouth. In addition to its in-house concierge services, Fortyx80, Inc. collaborates closely with the University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence and Carnegie Mellon University’s Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship to provide support to emerging start-ups.

Meter Feeder


Meter Feeder predicts curb parking availability with ~85% accuracy, and enables fleet vehicles to pay for parking simply by turning their vehicles off. We're receiving data from over 11M unique vehicles to power our data models, and are deploying payments in over 250 locations across North America.




PittMoss offers next-generation garden soils and amendments that are better for plants and the planet.  Made from the cellulose fiber material that we are currently taking to landfills, the properties created by PittMoss' upcycled materials allow for more air, water, and nutrients to be delivered to plants.


Ekto VR


EKTO VR builds wearable robotics that enable the next generation of fully immersive industrial training by dramatically improving the VR user experience. Traverse is our hardware and software system featuring robotic boots that allow intuitive and natural movement, making walking in VR as easy as real life. 


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