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Professional Development

Winning Talent Together and TechFest

Winning Talent Together

Winning Talent Together is our free quarterly series discussing workforce and talent topics via panel or fireside chat conversations. We work in partnership with our series sponsors, AON and Dentons, to bring you the most up to date thought leadership, HR tools, and valuable insight. 



Pittsburgh TechFest is an annual event where software development professionals from Southwestern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas will convene to explore and elevate through professional development. Topics include:

  • Building Modern Backends
  • Your Relationship with the Fronted
  • Scaling Architect for Change
  • The Future of Tech
  • Optimizing Teams for Fast Flow
  • Practical Security 
  • The AI Evolution
  • The Genius Within Early Tech Talent

All development disciplines (devs, testers, PMs, DBAs, BAs etc.) and all development stacks (Ruby, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) are welcome!

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