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High-quality Care at your Fingertips – Bringing Virtual Primary Care to Pittsburgh

Submitted by Connected Health

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, face to face healthcare has universally changed. Virtual primary care has become essential to providing a safe and convenient, patient experience. And it seems telemedicine is here to stay.

Connected Health, located in Wexford, PA, is excited to offer personalized, proactive and preventative Concierge Primary Care – Virtually.

Virtual Primary Care allows for better, long-term care management and patient satisfaction and offers the ability for patients to communicate remotely with an expert physician anytime, anywhere. 

In this new digital health era, Connected Health’s virtual program appeals to just about anyone,  but their target market is a younger demographic. The goal behind the program is to offer a high-quality, physician-patient relationship, at a lower cost point. For less than a cup of coffee a day, patients can have unlimited access to a dedicated concierge physician and team of professionals devoted to their health and wellness. With young people desiring more  convenient, personalized medical care, Connected Health’s virtual program is the solution they have been looking for.

What’s remarkable is that the program not only offers patients real-time communication via a HIPAA secure app, but it also includes unlimited virtual appointments, an annual, comprehensive physical exam (1-hour spent in-person with physician), access to a dietitian, personal trainer, physical therapist, boutique pharmacy, and complimentary fitness center. 

“Connected Health’s [virtual] concierge medical program has been such a blessing to our family of seven. The convenient communication via the [Connected Health] application has been  invaluable to both me as a parent and my older teen children who can access their doctor with  any questions or concerns. Not having to wait for appointments and having assistance in  scheduling when outside care or evaluation was necessary, has been so reassuring to me as a  parent. The Connected Health concierge medical program provides care the way it used to be— with personalization, patience, and a passion towards a mission to spread health and wellness for all.” —Connected Health Virtual Patient

CEO and Co-Founder, Betty Rich explains that Connected Health’s goal is to educate and empower patients to play a role in their own healthcare. “No one only gets sick from 8 am – 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. No one only has medical questions during office hours. Inevitably,  health concerns pop up at inconvenient times. Even though patients pay a monthly fee, it’s just  a fact that having 24/7, relationship-based medical care saves patients time, money, and leads to better outcomes.”

Connected Health is excited to launch their unique Virtual Primary Care Program to Pittsburgh’s younger, health-conscious population later this month. For more information, visit their website,