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40 Stories: Sandesh Sukumaran, Founder and CEO of Outcome Logix

Sandesh Sukumaran, founder and CEO of Outcome Logix, describes his company as “born in the cloud.” A product development and technology services company, Outcome Logix specializes in business automation software implementation.

Using its own, home-grown software, Outcome Logix works to find and attract the best talent for small and mid-sized employers in a diverse range of industries. It offers professional staffing, co-development, project outsourcing and remote delivery models.

40 StoriesA rather young company established amid the COVID era, Outcome Logix experienced a remarkable 900% growth in 2022, and Sukumaran anticipates 2023 to be their best year yet. Outcome Logix was also a 2022 Tech 50 Awards Startup Finalist.

The Tech Council’s Sheena Carroll recently spoke with Sukumaran of Outcome Logix about his experiences as a Council member and where he sees the future of local tech:

Sandesh Sukumaran Outcome Logix 40 StoriesSC: What, if any, unique opportunities or challenges are you currently facing?

SUKUMARAN: In the past few months, you must have seen or heard about a lot of layoffs happening in the tech sector. For us, it is a more optimistic view. We have been experiencing great growth. The reason is that we are providing a real solution to our customer by shortlisting and selecting the best talent out there.

SC: Where would you like to see Pittsburgh tech in 40 years?

SUKUMARAN: I think that Pittsburgh is already a hub for technology. But there is still a lot of room to invite people with diversity, and people with immigration challenges. That could be something that the Tech Council and Pittsburgh can work on more.

SC: Why did you join the Pittsburgh Technology Council?

SUKUMARAN: That’s a great question that takes me back 23 years. On my first day working in Pittsburgh, I had two things on my desk – a phone and a Tech Council [TEQ] magazine. That was the first introduction to Pittsburgh Technology Council for me. It's been an honor to be part of the Council.

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