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MESCIUS inc Releases Wijmo 2024 v1

Submitted by MESCIUS

Pittsburgh, PA - March 27th, 2024 MESCIUS inc., a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools, is pleased to announce the Wijmo 2024 v1 release. The first major release of 2024 includes significant enhancements across popular controls, such as FlexGrid and FlexChart, a continued focus on quality, and more. Wijmo 2024 v1 is now available as an upgrade for existing customers and a download for new customers at

Wijmo packages are now published under the @mescius scope on NPM. The packages all match what was previously published under the @grapecity scope. Users will need to update the package.json references and the import statement. Read the release announcement to learn more about accessing Wijmo’s NPM packages under the new scope.

With the Wijmo 2024 v1 release, FlexGrid continues to improve with pasting, grouping, aggregates, and many more updates. The team has made significant improvements to FlexGridFilter, the Excel-like filter UI. The FlexGridFilter now supports wildcard value filters and mimics Excel behavior when adding or removing rows. Visit the website to explore additional improvements to FlexGrid.

Wijmo’s FlexChart received rendering refinements in the 2024 v1 release. They include smoother rounding for polylines and polygons, improved spline chart interpolation, and better tooltips for small slices of FlexPie. Explore the release article to learn more about FlexChart and FlexPie enhancements in the Wijmo 2024 v1 release.

"Wijmo 2024 v1 includes many enhancements across our most popular components, like FlexGrid and FlexChart, which empower developers to build fast and accessible enterprise applications," said Chris Bannon, Global Product Manager.

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