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Emerging Tech Law Series: The Evolving Landscape of Artificial Intelligence

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

No other technology trend is evolving faster than artificial intelligence. Its impacts are being felt far and wide. Babst Calland's Chris Farmakis and Susanna Bagdasarova go on a deep dive to discuss the potential benefits and limitations of AI, including its ability to drive economic growth and create new revenue streams, while also raising concerns about data privacy and intellectual property protection. 

The duo emphasized the need for responsible use of AI in legal work, including accuracy, verification, and regulatory oversight, to minimize risks for clients and provide creative solutions. Chris and Susanna also highlighted the importance of understanding AI from multiple perspectives to ensure ethical development and use.

They also explore:

  • The current developments of AI.
  • The different business sectors embracing AI.
  • Should businesses have policies in place?
  • The watch outs or risks associated with AI implementation.
  • How artificial intelligence is being regulated.
  • What Babst Calland is doing to keep up with the evolving landscape of AI.

Chris Farmakis is a shareholder and chairman of the board at Babst Calland. His legal practice focuses on acquisitions and divestitures, complex corporate and commercial transactions, real estate transactions, entity, joint venture and partnership structuring and formation, general business counseling, and project implementation and management of large document management projects. As a member of the Emerging Technologies practice, he serves the multidisciplinary legal and business needs of clients developing or investing in new technologies, new companies, and new ideas in the full spectrum of technology.

Susanna Bagdasarova is an associate in the Corporate and Commercial and Emerging Technologies groups at Babst Calland and focuses primarily on corporate and commercial law, including addressing the complex legal and business issues surrounding the development, deployment, commercialization, and use of emerging technologies in a variety of industries.