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Addressing Substance Use Disorders with Technology and a Unique Collaboration

Interview by Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting

This episode of Health Care Reinvented explores how technology and advanced analytics are helping to address and mitigate opioid and stimulant addictions.

Health Care Reinvented Hosts Audrey Russo and Jonathan Kersting of the Pittsburgh Technology Council and TechVibe Radio interview Dr. Melissa Perry of Highmark and Dr. Michael Frost of WaySpring about their unique partnership to identify potential addicts and notify doctors. 

They discuss the profound impact of opioid addiction in southwestern Pennsylvania and how Highmark partners with Wayspring to monitor more than 1.2 million members' prescription risks. Wayspring's data analytics help identify high-risk prescribers and patients to provide education and support to reduce overprescribing by 50% since 2018. 

As concerns grow around rising stimulant misuse, the experts explore continued collaboration utilizing innovative monitoring technology to stay ahead of trends and address this emerging public health challenge through member-centered solutions.