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Digital Bridge: Peakboard Makes Manufacturers' Data Actionable

Interview by Matt Holjes and Jonathan Kersting

Learn how Peakboard can turn your factory into a smart factory practically overnight.

Peakboard's Paul Sudar joins Matt Holjes and Jonathan Kersting on the Digital Bridge to detail this powerful technology that is helping manufacturers large and small make their factory floor's data actionable.

Paul details how Peakboard collects data from a wide variety of data sources, evaluates it and visualizes it quickly and flexibly in real time anywhere on whatever screen is available. So you always have your most important KPIs in view.

Peakboard not only allows you to read, combine, process, and visualize your data. You can also write it back to the source system or share it with your machines.

If your data is not yet available digitally, Peakboard also lets you digitize various analog data. For example, to avoid losing your CE certification you can easily retrofit your existing machines without modifying the system control.

Listen, learn and make your factory smart!