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TEQ One Mic Stand: RackTop Systems

Interview by Jonathan Kersting

Since its founding in 2010, RackTop Systems has led a transformative approach to Cyberstorage protection that aligns with a new era of data-driven cyber attacks.

Engineered by U.S. Intelligence Community veterans Eric Bednash and Jonathan Halstuch, RackTop’s best-in-class BrickStor security solution follows an innovative Zero Trust model that empowers the public and private sector to safeguard their data from the escalating presence of ransomware and insider threats.

Learn how RackTop works with a diverse range of clients and partners from the healthcare, utilities, financial services, higher education, and advertising/media industries, as well as federal, state and local governments, to provide enhanced data security and solve complex data protection challenges. With visibility into the in-and-out points and integrations of their enterprise, companies can take proactive steps to alleviate the real root of the cyberattack landscape: data breaches. With RackTop’s unified Cyberstorage software, our clients gain real-time visibility into data usage to both detect and respond to attacks before their valuable data assets are stolen or destroyed.

The foundation of RackTop’s mission is built on leading an industry-wide shift from outdated legacy mindsets of the 1990s to an innovative and effective blueprint that exemplifies the future of cybersecurity. With RackTop, companies are positioned to elevate their data protection and IT security to new heights.