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Virtual STEM Summit with SDLC Partners

Join us in our innovative, student-driven event featuring big names in the world of tech and a diverse array of science, technology, engineering and math related careers that are available in southwestern Pennsylvania.

In this virtual model, students will begin by gaining access to remarkable experiences with leaders in the STEM industry. And to add to the engagement and excitement, the students will have the unique opportunity to serve as student hosts, participate through interactive Q & A, and embark on adventures into the workings of the industry.

Speaker: SDLC Partners, Selin I., Senior UX Designer 
Selin is a Senior Consultant, User Experience (UX) Designer at SDLC Partners. She applies human-centered design to discover and solve the problems people face. Her goal is to completely understand a user’s context to ensure that technology serves their needs. She believes in improving people’s lives by improving the way they work and the tools they use. She joined SDLC after finishing her Masters of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. Before that, she worked as a Game Designer in Istanbul, Turkey.