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2020 Cyburgh, PA Initiative

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When: Monday, August 31, 2020

Where: The Westin Convention Center


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2020 Cyburgh, PA Initiative

Vulnerability affects the bottom line of the region’s businesses

Please note that Cyburgh has been moved to August 31, 2020 [original date was May 18]. It will still remain co-located with the NCFTA Cyber Crime Forum.

Cyburgh, PA Initiative aims to advance Pittsburgh as an internationally recognized leader in cybersecurity. 

Through presentations and idea exchanges, Cyburgh is a forum for cybersecurity professionals to engage with and learn from peers, thought leaders, and solution providers.

About Cyburgh, PA Initiative

Cyburgh is a day-long event, preceding the NCFTA’s Cyber Crime Forum. At Cyburgh, you’ll hear from thought leaders and subject matter experts from Pittsburgh and beyond. Our focus will be on the business and strategic areas that leaders and technical professionals need to know about.

Who Should Attend?

Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Practitioners, Business Leaders, IT Managers and those who want to learn about the challenges and opportunities within cybersecurity.

This all–day program is applicable to all audiences: corporations, small business, academic institutions and public sector - especially those interested in learning how to protect your business and mitigate risk.

Why Attend?

As vulnerability affects the bottom line of our region’s business, it’s critical to stay on top of the latest threats and trends.

  • Cyburgh is a learning opportunity for IT and security leaders.

  • Cyburgh is a forum for the Pittsburgh IT community to network.

  • Cyburgh connects attendees to partners that may help keep their business secure and protect their customers and bottom line.

  • Cyburgh brings outside perspectives to the Pittsburgh IT community.    

WHEN: August 31, 2020 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
WHERE: The Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh


COST (Member/ Non-Member; Early/Regular/Late):
$179 Member/ $299 Non-Member (By April 30th)
$189 Member/ $310 Non-Member (After April 30th)
$199 Member/ $320 Non-Member (After May 14th)


Keynote Speaker: (Subject to Change)

Erik Avakian, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Pennsylvania

Erik joined the commonwealth in 2005 and became Deputy CISO in 2007. He has over 17 years' experience in securing enterprise-level environments and is an expert in reducing risk and mapping security to the business. He has extensive experience in security governance, risk management, compliance and incident response and remediation. As CISO, Erik is responsible for establishing enterprise security strategy, standards, controls, and security policies and lead the Enterprise Information Security Officer, which defends against cyber attacks, reduces the commonwealth's vulnerability to cyber attacks, and minimizes the damage and recovery time from attacks if and when they occur.


Panel Discussions (Subject to Change) 

Creating a Cybersecurity-Savvy Workplace Culture  

Organizations may have access to the latest cybersecurity technologies keep their data safe, but technology only plays a role in an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy. Creating a cyber-savvy culture is just as important. Educating and raising awareness about risk, policies, procedures, and the “why” behind them may help create a more secure work environment. This panel will discuss best practices to empower your entire organization to think like a CISO.  

Plan, Prepare, and Protect: Latest Developments in Cybersecurity   

The field of cybersecurity continuously changes and adapts as new threats emerge. Staying on top of new developments, threats, and technologies can be a challenge for even the most seasoned CISO. This panel will update you on policy, compliance, tools, and strategies that are keeping leading organizations secure and their data private.  

Threat Intelligence and What Keeps Law Enforcement and CISOs up at Night 

We all know that there are criminals lurking in the darkest corners of the internet just waiting to take advantage of any vulnerability.  Law enforcement works tirelessly with partners in education and industry to share information and to keep steps ahead of the bad guys.  This panel will discuss some of the latest threats in the world of cybersecurity today and how organizations may take advantage of resources available through law enforcement and other agencies.  

Cybersecurity, IoT, and the Cloud  

In 2019, the number of IoT devices reached 26.6 billion worldwide with no sign of slowing down. New applications solve problems, create conveniences, and improve the way we live our lives through all things consumer, industrial, and even infrastructure. This panel will discuss strategies around securing IoT devices and why this is relevant to our region’s businesses.  

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