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PTC Presents: Transitioning to the Cloud

When: March 3, 2021

Where: Via ZOOM


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Registration for this event is now closed. Please email Taylor Bombalski at if you would like to attend.

PTC Presents: Transitioning to the Cloud: Advantages, what to consider & how it works

Would you rather your IT resources spend more time on your core business than on just keeping your old IT systems running? Would you like to save costs and make it easier to scale your business up or down? Join our upcoming webinar with the Pittsburgh Technology Council to learn how a move to the cloud can benefit your company.

Presented by: SYCOR AMERICAS Inc.

When: March 3, 2021 | 10:30AM to 12:30PM
Where: Via Zoom*
*Zoom link will be sent the day prior and an hour before the event.

Free | PTC Members & Non-Members
What You’ll Learn: 
• How you can migrate your data to the cloud and how different migration tools can help 
• How you can consolidate infrastructure in order to save costs and free up IT resources to focus on the most important aspects of your business
• How your company can increase flexibility and scalability with the cloud 

- John Moore, Cloud Administrator, SYCOR AMERICAS Inc.
- Rob James, Cloud Administrator, SYCOR AMERICAS Inc.
Advantages of moving to the cloud
Increase scalability, save costs, and free up IT resources 
What to consider when moving to the cloud
How it’ll affect your business & how to prepare
How a move to the cloud works
What it involves and how it’ll affect your IT resources

Contact Information:

  • For registration, content or logistics questions - Taylor Bombalski, Director, Event Planning & Special Programs,
  • For membership questions - Ryan Gent, Membership Director,