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Cyburgh 2024 Roundup

The 2024 Cyburgh, PA Initiative took place on May 1 at the Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh Hotel. Presented by Pittsburgh Technology Council and Ethical Intruder, Cyburgh is a forum for cybersecurity professionals to engage with and learn from peers, experts, and solution providers for learning, networking, and business development purposes.

This year's event started with a State of Cybersecurity presentation hosted by the President and CEO of Ethical Intruder, David Kane. During his talk, Kane outline the importance of context and communication, as well as the potential personal liability for CISOs and executives after a cyberattack. Kane also outlined shocking statistics - one example being if cybercrime was a country, its GDP would rank third in the world.

Keynote Speaker Filipe CondessaThe keynote speaker, sponsored by eliteOps, was Filipe Condessa, Senior and Expert for Robust and Safe Deep Learning at Bosch Research and Technology Center. Condessa provided an overview of Adversarial AI, illustrating how seemingly robust and functional systems can be subtly and effectively undermined. He covered notable examples of adversarial attacks on AI, including alteration of input data that causes AI-driven systems to overlook or misclassify threads.

Following the keynote was an engaging talk titled "Nurturing Cybersecurity: The Nexus of Human Behavior and Organizational Culture" hosted by Involta's VP of Security and Compliance, Mark Cooley. His presentation delved into the intricate relationship between human actions and cybersecurity outcomes, examining the pivotal roles of user awareness, training, and organizational culture in cultivating a security-conscious environment. 

Cyburgh featured three Tech Talks:

"5 Keys to Build Cyber Resilience" by Michael Yates at All Lines Technology

"A Simple, Yet Effective Cybersecurity Exercise" by John Hollenberger at Fortinet

"The Economics of Vendor Consolidation & Operational Efficiency with SASE/SSE" by Tony Stata at Netskope

These Tech Talks provided advice on effective and efficient ways to handle security costs and develop valuable and educational tabletop exercises.

Cyburgh also featured four panels:

This year's panels were full of insights on cybersecurity and critical infrastructure, including how to stay safe on a budget. Strengthening Critical Infrastructure through Cybersecurity Safeguards (Sponsored by iVision) included experts in the fields of cybersecurity and critical infrastructure, who illuminated the challenges, innovations, and crucial safeguards essential for bolstering the resilience of vital systems. 

In Digital Defense: Navigating the Rise of Cyber Threats and Building Cyber Resiliency for the Inevitable Attack (Sponsored by RSM),  panelists explored the evolving landscape of cyber threats and shared insights on building robust cyber resiliency to prepare for the inevitable attack.

Securing the Digital Horizon: Advanced Cybersecurity Strategies for Cloud and Connected Devices (Sponsored by GrayMatter) was an englightening discussion, with panelists exploring cutting-edge strategies to safeguard the digital landscape, focusing on the challenges and opportunities presented by cloud computing and interconnected devices.

Maximizing Cybersecurity Impact on a Shoestring Budget: Strategic Practices for Limited Resources, Staff, Money, and Time (Sponsored by Ordr) delved into the art of achieving robust cybersecurity on a limited budget with innovative approaches, cost-effective solutions, and time-efficient strategies.

The Pittsburgh Technlogy Council would like to thank all of our attendees and sponsors for making Cyburgh a success. We'll see you next year!