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Pittsburgh Technology Council Member Profiles: DAI Builds, Randstad Technologies & Voci Technologies

PTC Member News
The Pittsburgh Technology Council's membership is made up of a diversity of companies cutting across industries. Here's a look at three of its members in a bit more details

DAI Builds

DAI Builds is a full-service digital agency in Pittsburgh, providing digital marketing services, web automation and responsive web design/development. Roberto Iriondo said it streamlines clients’ needs, saves them money and time along the way while optimizing their business for “the now.” Here’s what else Iriondo had to say:

TEQ: What are your key products/services?

Iriondo: Social Media Automation: for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify;

Web Design and Development: We work with top-notch technologies in order to provide the most responsive and cutting-edge web development, and we are constantly striving to bring new features;

Social Media Advertising: We design ads and provide the best possible ROI; and

SEO and Adwords: We create campaigns not only to optimize any website via content and push it to the first pages on Google and other search engines, but we make sure that the conversion rate of such clicks on Adwords are those that are truly needed to grow and scale our clients’ businesses.

TEQ: How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

Iriondo: We think thoroughly upon our clients’ needs and involve them fully. We also offer people-oriented service. As well, we offer transparent and honest pricing with free estimates for any need. Our team is really passionate for what we do. Before we start any project, we involve our client fully from the scope, timeline and costs of the project; going over each step with them and assuring complete satisfaction.

TEQ: What tech trends are you paying attention to in 2018?

Iriondo: We are strongly focusing on automation and VoIP. Automation is key for our clients’ needs nowadays and VoIP is only going to continue to scale (Alexa – Google Home). We are already integrating automation on our clients’ websites and social media accounts, and we are planning to implement these throughout the whole aspect of our clients’ online involvement.

Randstad Technologies

For more than 30 years, Randstad Technologies has been connecting companies nationally to customized technology solutions. It combines deep industry expertise with a broad range of full-service capabilities – recruitment, consulting and outsourcing – to deliver the right fit to its clients, said Joshua Manges, Solutions Field Executive.

The Randstad Technologies Pittsburgh team has been providing IT solutions for more than 20 years to clients in western Pennsylvania. Manges said the team has a great grasp of the market and its aim has always been to partner with its clients to maximize the value of their technology investments. TEQ wanted to know more:

TEQ: Who are your typical customers/clients?

Manges: Randstad Technologies’ clients are any that employ (or are looking to employ) technology to operate, grow and enrich their respective businesses. Our customers range in size from small growth-oriented organizations to large global enterprises. From an industry perspective, there is not much that Randstad Technologies doesn’t cover but our largest industry segments include finance, health care, manufacturing, retail and technology.

TEQ: What separates Randstad from the competition?

Manges: Those that may have familiarity with Randstad Technologies might have the perception that we are only an IT staffing partner. While we are a top provider of IT contract services nationwide, our service offerings extend much further. We deliver strategic consulting, turn-key projects and managed services and have three decades of experience doing so. With eight onshore delivery centers, Randstad Technologies provides a number of options on how services can be delivered. Our delivery methodologies provide great flexibility as well as scalability – meaning we can excel in a wide range of efforts from small proof of concepts to large enterprise scale initiatives and everything in between.

TEQ: What tech trends are you paying attention to in 2018?

Manges: Digital transformation is an area that we’ve seen accelerate and will continue to do so. The focus on employee productivity and customer experience are crucial considerations in the evolving digital world. Randstad Technologies is always keeping a pulse on continuing trends such as the agile workforce and the shift from the traditional, full-time employee to more flexible arrangements.

In the last four years, technology, globalization and workplace preferences have compelled employers to adjust their business models around talent’s desire for alternative employment positions so we must anticipate and communicate the course of the changing workforce. We have also seen an increased movement of women into leadership roles at all levels throughout the tech industry. The technology workforce is seeing promising innovation and economic value as a result of encouraging women into STEM careers.

Voci Technologies

Voci Technologies offers the world’s only true speech-to-text engine that solves real world problems. With unmatched speed, the highest accuracy in the industry and unprecedented flexibility, Voci’s open-ended architecture offers the ability to integrate audio calls on the front-end and resulting text data to analytics platforms on the back-end.

Compared to market alternatives, Voci delivers the fastest time-to-value and the lowest total cost of ownership, by a significant margin. Jennifer Ploskina, VP of Business Development, told TEQ more about this fast-moving company:

TEQ: Who deploys speech recognition technology?

Ploskina: Voci is best suited for large-volume, enterprise applications. It is a premier speech solution for many Fortune 500 companies, offering both real-time and archiving solutions in the cloud and on-premise.  Voci has scalable solutions for any size call center and virtually any phone system setup, leveraging hardware server acceleration to achieve breakthrough performance. We typically deploy directly with enterprise clients with in-house analytics capabilities or with an analytics partner. Voci partners include Genesys, Clarabridge and Anexinet.  Our clients are primarily Fortune 500 companies in the health care, telecommunications and financial markets.

TEQ: How is the technology evolving and becoming more sophisticated/accurate?

Ploskina: With each iteration of our technology, accuracy and speed, a.k.a. “performance,” improves. We also continually develop new features and functions resulting in more use cases.  For instance, we are currently offering our new Language Identification feature, which is ideal for large amounts of audio where our client is unclear if the language spoken is Spanish or English.  This new feature identifies the language within 5-10 seconds and then transcribes in the appropriate language.

TEQ: Why has Pittsburgh been a good place to build Voci?

Ploskina: Pittsburgh’s prominence as a continuously developing, vibrant tech city has provided Voci with a great home. The thriving, innovative tech scene not only attracts, but retains some of the strongest, best talent in our industry. Our foundational research began here nearly a decade ago at Carnegie Mellon University. Our continued collaboration with experts at both Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh has allowed Voci’s speech recognition technology to be enhanced and expanded, ensuring that Voci continues to pioneer the best speech-to-text solution for business intelligence.