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Apprenti Grads Set for Business Analyst Careers at enGen

By Sheena Carroll, Pittsburgh Technology Council

FortyX80’s workforce initiative, Apprenti PGH, celebrated a new milestone in May when the latest cohort of apprentices for employer partner and health-tech company enGen graduated from its training program. Over a 12-week bootcamp at Academy Pittsburgh, 10 apprentices learned how to become business analysts.

The apprentices celebrated with a graduation ceremony, at which family and friends joined with Academy Pittsburgh and FortyX80 staff to acknowledge their achievements.

FortyX80 started the Apprenti PGH program (which is under the umbrella of the national program of Apprenti) to eliminate the barriers faced by tech-interested individuals from underrepresented groups, as well as give employers access to a wider, more diverse talent base. Apprentices like Erin Fraser have found the program’s dedication to bridging the prospective talent-employer gap to be life-changing.

“I never thought I was going to get out of the service industry; I just couldn’t afford to go back to school or pay for vocational training,” said Fraser. “Working with Academy Pittsburgh, who led the first 3 months of our training, was a joy.”

Fraser said that training helped to prepare her with technical skills like using data visualization tools and programming, but also soft skills like how to communicate effectively and participate actively in corporate meetings. 

“Those were the kind of things I was really worried about when getting into this, as it is just so different from working in a cafe or a bar,” said Fraser. 

Apprentice Kakanou Franck Fotie appreciates the active learning model of the program.

“We’ve been learning a ton of information, but all of the managers and members conducting our trainings have been really patient and understanding through the process,” Fotie said. “There have been some hands-on training moments and – I think I’m speaking for my group members, too, when I say this – that’s what I found most valuable. A lot of us learn better by doing.”

This hands-on learning and strong support system has empowered the apprentices as they move forward with their new careers post-graduation.

“I’ve been fully in my apprenticeship as a business analyst for a month now,” said Fraser. “While there’s so much to learn, the training and support I’ve received have given me the knowledge and confidence to move forward.”