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PTC Member Spotlight Shines on Bradley Brown Design

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The Pittsburgh Technology Council loves introducing new members to the world. We have members that cut across the ecosystem. Let's take a look at Bradley Brown Design Group!

Tell us a little about the company and its core services.

Bradley Brown Design Group, Inc is a client-focused, results-oriented, graphic design firm specializing in print and digital communications. But we specialize in another art as well – collaboration. Our core philosophy is to be our clients’ creative partner to help them strategize, problem-solve, communicate and elevate their brand. Our services include everything from high level branding strategy and messaging to digital communications such as ad campaigns, website design, videos and social media to print pieces such as brochures, consumer catalogs, annual reports, trade show exhibits and much more.

We work on both large campaigns that combine multiple tactics as well as one-off projects – it’s all about our clients and what they need. Since our philosophy is to be a creative partner, we are all about collaboration and ensuring our client’s voice and ideas are heard. And it isn't just about the ideas - it comes down to 40 years of nurturing relationships. Some of our relationships have spanned more than 20 years. Being there with our clients through the years as they grow - that's what we love.


How has technology impacted the graphic design industry and what you do at Bradley Brown?

Technology has always been interlinked with graphic design, whether it’s new software or new marketing opportunities. One of the greatest effects of technology on our industry has been in giving designers the ability to visually represent complex design concepts much faster. From layout software to increased computing and data transfer speeds, technology has given teams the ability to present ideas in real-time. This is powerful in day-to-day workflow, and with the ability to quickly provide fully-realized solutions, creative teams can generate excitement around an idea, gather global stakeholders, and get buy-in quickly. Project management technology also supports the lifecycle of a project from kick-off to launch and encourages collaboration. Graphic design and layout tools are becoming more integrated into marketing platforms, especially the models distributed over SaaS (software as a service). 

We have also seen an increase in the digital presence of our clients’ marketing efforts and have found that videos, programmatic ads and other digital tactics are an important part of our clients’ marketing strategy. Online engagement is important, and new technology helps make this possible. We are seeing changes in marketing that use both VR and AR technology – and we see this becoming more popular especially during social distancing. 


Lots of companies will dabble in graphic design to get started on projects for branding and marketing, etc.  When and why is it important to call in the pros?

A brand is your promise to your customers – so why not put your best foot forward? Graphic designers have a combination of talent and extensive training in color, typography, layout, and the subtle details that really make a difference in design.  They can help create your brand and keep it fresh, professional and exciting.

We think you should call in the pros from the start – this way, they can help create a clear and cohesive representation of who you are.  Or if you already have an established brand, bring them in as soon as you are ready to start creating your next project. Our designers are trained to follow existing brand guidelines to maintain your brand’s consistency, while also elevating your design strategy, which can only be done by talented designers with years of experience.


What are some common mistakes people make when taking on a graphic design project?

A lot of what we will see is over-designing – trying to do too much in the space with too many elements that don’t necessarily work together and therefore create an overall message that is confusing.  We work with our clients to define the strategy and focus on what needs to be communicated, and based on this dialogue, our designers create a hierarchy of graphics and messaging.

Another common mistake we see is not understanding or not speaking to the audience. You can have sleek graphics and witty messaging – but it all comes down to connecting with your audience. What do they care about?  What are their pain points? What images or language will resonate with them? Great design is targeted and purposeful, there is always a reason behind every decision.


Tell us your thoughts on Pittsburgh as a place to grow you company?

Our company has been in Pittsburgh for over 40 years, and we find that over half of our clients are Pittsburgh-based. As Pittsburgh grows as a city, we have found new opportunities as the city shifts from manufacturing to more technology, education and healthcare. We are seeing our clients in Pittsburgh continue to grow, expand and thrive alongside the city.