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Connected Health bringing Emotional Wellness Therapy to the Greater Pittsburgh region

Submitted by Connected Health

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Connected Health, Wexford’s Concierge Medical Practice, is bringing Emotional Wellness Therapy to the Greater Pittsburgh region. It is very difficult to have a healthy, fulfilling life if you aren’t feeling well emotionally. Being emotionally healthy means you are aware of your emotions and have adequate personal reserves and coping mechanisms to withstand the stressors of living life in our culture. Studies have shown a connection between regulated mental health and the body’s physical health. “At Connected Health we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to considering the state of a patient’s mind and body,” said Betty Rich, CEO.

“Mental Health is just as essential as physical health, especially in today’s world. The reallife stressors of the past two years have made huge progress in destigmatizing mental health. It is exciting to see emotional wellness be a mainstream conversation that empowers people to get the help they need,” stated Virginia Corbett, LPC, BCC, Connected Health.

Connected Health is proud to offer the Pittsburgh community Emotional Wellness Therapy as one of their newest services. For more information, please visit:

About Connected Health: Connected Health is a concierge primary care medical practice that believes in putting the focus back on the patient. Their integrated, relationship-based care model connects clients with a team of professionals dedicated to their wellness goals.